CBSE Class 12 Psychology Sample Paper 2019-2020 with Marking Scheme

CBSE Class 12 Psychology Sample Paper Marking SchemeGet latest CBSE Class 12 Psychology Sample Paper 2019-2020 with Marking Scheme. From the following table students may download CBSE Class 12 Psychology Marking Scheme also. All of these previous year CBSE Class XII Psychology Sample Paper are provided by Central Board of Secondary Education India.

CBSE Class XI Psychology Sample Paper 2019-20

Q 1. Dr. Kumar, a famous heart surgeon, would be high on ___________ intelligence.

  • a) Interpersonal
  • c) linguistic
  • b) Naturalistic
  • d) Bodily – kinesthetic

Q 2. When Aryan was a small child, his parents adopted a little girl. Aryan promptly “Forgot” that he was toilet trained and began wetting the bed. As an adult, Aryan cannot remember that he did this, despite what his parents tell him. This is an example of

  • a) Projection
  • b) Reaction formation
  • c) Rationalisation
  • d) Repression

Q 3. Sunita has recently decided to leave medical school and pursue a career as an artist. Her parents, however, are deeply disappointed with her decision. Sunita is experiencing___________from her parents.

  • a) Positive regard
  • b) Unconditional positive regard
  • c) Conditional positive regard
  • d) Negative regard

Q 4. Many students face high levels of anxiety while preparing for the Board examination which interferes with their preparation, concentration and performance. This could be due to

  • a) Eustress
  • b) Weakened immune system
  • c) Pathogens
  • d) Evaluative stress

Q 5. Leela just doesn’t enjoy doing much of anything lately. She has lost interest in food and all activities. She seems agitated most of the time and is unable to think clearly. Most of the days she stays in bed. If these symptoms get prolonged, she may be diagnosed as having:

  • a) Bipolar disorder
  • b) Major depressive disorder
  • c) Agoraphobia
  • d) Schizophrenia

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