JAM Question Paper 2019-20 PH (Physics)

JAM Question Paper 2019-20 PH (Physics).

JAM Question Paper 2019 PH (Physics)JAM PH – Physics 2019-20 Question Paper test papers will be fully objective type. This JAM PH – Physics 2019-20 Question will help all the students for their exam preparation, here the question type is MCQ i.e multiple choice question answers, if this JAM PH – Physics 2019-20 question paper in pdf file for IIT JAM PH – Physics you can download it in FREE, if Joint Entrance Examination (JAM) 2019-20 paper in text for JAM you can download JAM 2019-20 page also just Go to menu bar, Click on File->then Save.

JAM Question Paper 2019-20 PH (Physics)

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01. Which of the following is due to in homogeneous refractive index of earth’s atmosphere?

  • (A) Red colour of the evening Sun
  • (B) Blue colour of the sky
  • (C) Oval shape of the evening Sun
  • (D) Large apparent size of the evening Sun

02. The dispersion relation for electromagnetic waves travelling in a plasma is given as ω2 = c2k2 + ω2p, where c and ωp are constants. In this plasma, the group velocity is:

  • (A) Proportional to but not equal to the phase velocity.
  • (B) Inversely proportional to the phase velocity.
  • (C) Equal to the phase velocity.
  • (D) A constant.

03. A plane in a cubic lattice makes intercepts of a, a/2 and 2a13 with the three crystallographic axes, respectively. The Miller indices for this plane are:

  • (A) (2 4 3)
  • (B) (3 4 2)
  • (C) (6 3 4)
  • (D) (1 2 3)

04. Consider Rydberg (hydrogen-like) atoms in a highly excited state with n around 300. The wavelength of radiation coming out of these atoms for transitions to the adjacent states lies in the range:

  • (A) Gamma rays (λ ~ pm)
  • (B) UV (λ ~ nm)
  • (C) Infrared (λ ~ um)
  • (D) RF (λ ~ m)

05. An object of mass m with non-zero angular momentum is moving under the influence of gravitational force of a much larger mass (ignore drag). Which of the following statement(s) is (are) correct?

  • (A) If the total energy of the system is negative, then the orbit is always circular.
  • (B) The motion of m always occurs in a two-dimensional plane.
  • (C) If the total energy of the system is 0, then the orbit is a parabola.
  • (D) If the area of the particle’s bound orbit is S, then its time period is 2mS/


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