AIPGMEE Solved Question Paper with Answers 2010 Download PDF

AIPGMEE Previous Year Solved Question Paper 2010

AIPGMEE Solved Question Paper 2010All India Post Graduate Medical Entrance Examination (AIPGMEE) 2010 Previous year Solved question paper with answers AIPGMEE Solved Question 2010 with solution you can download it in FREE, if AIPGMEE 2010 solved paper in text or pdf for AIPGMEE 2010 Solved Question Answer Keys you can download AIPGMEE 2010 page also just Go to menu bar, Click on File->then Save.

All India Post Graduate Medical Entrance Examination (AIPGMEE) 2010 Previous year solved question paper Free Download PDF is available in which has been provided by many students this AIPGMEE 2010 paper is available for all the students in FREE and also AIPGMEE Previous year solved question paper 2010 fully solved AIPGMEE with answer keys and solution.

AIPGMEE Previous Year Solved Question Paper 2010

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Q1. A patient with bilirubin value of 8 mg/dl and serum creatinine of 1.9 mg/dl is planned for surgery. What is the muscle relaxant of choice in this patient?

  • (A) Vecuronium
  • (B) Pancuronium
  • (C) Atracurium
  • (D) Rocuronium

Q2. A 25 year old overweight female was given fentanyl-pancuronium anesthesia for surgery. After surgery and extubation she was observed to have limited movement of the upper body and chest wall in the recovery room. She was conscious and alert but voluntary respiratory effort was limite(D) Her blood pressure and heart rate were normal. The likely diagnosis is:

  • (A) Incomplete reversal of pancuronium
  • (B) Pulmonary embolism
  • (C) Fentanyl induced chest wall rigidity
  • (D) Respiratory depression

Q3. All of the following statements about neuromuscular blockage produced by succinylcholine are true, except:

  • (A) No fade on train of four stimulation
  • (B) Fade on tetanic stimulation
  • (C) No post tetanic facilitation
  • (D) Train of four ratio > 0.4

Q4. A 27 year old female was brought to emergency department for acute abdominal pain following which she was shifted to the operation theatre for laparotomy. A speedy intubation was performed but after the intubation, breath sounds were observed to be decreased on the left side and a high end trial CO2 was recorde(D) The likely diagnosis is:

  • (A) Endotracheal tube blockage
  • (B) Bronchospasm
  • (C) Esophageal intubation
  • (D) Endobronchial intubation

Q5. Which of the positions best describes the location of celiac plexus

  • (A) Anterolateral to aorta
  • (B) Posterolateral to aorta
  • (C) Anterolateral to sympathetic chain
  • (D) Anteromedical to sympathetic chain

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