XAT Solved Question Paper 2019 with Solution

XAT Solved Question Paper 2019 with Solution | Download Free PDF

Xavier Aptitude Test (XAT) 2019 Solved Question paper with answers XAT Solved 2019 Question with solution you can download it in FREE, if XAT Solved 2019 paper in text or pdf for XAT Solved 2019 Answer Keys you can download XAT 2019 page also just Go to menu bar, Click on File->then Save.

XAT Solved Question Paper 2019 with Solution

XAT Solved Question Paper 2019 with Answer Solution

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Q.1. Choose the option that would fill in the blanks meaningfully in the sentence below:
______ the importance of ‘horizontal stratification’ ______ higher education is widely acknowledged, ______ attentioned has been applied to horizontal stratification ______ compulsory schooling.

A. Whereas; with: too less; to
B. While; within: far less; within
C. While; without: further less; within
D. While; on : far fewer; about
E. Whereas; about: for less; of
Answer: B

Q.2. Which of the following options best explains the effect of the images in line 1?

A. The first line encapsulates the theme of the poem.
B. The images are suffused with an overpowering sense of rebellion.
C. The atmosphere indicates a cyclical nature of life and death.
D. The black lake lacks regenerative potential; ‘black boat’ connotes the funerary boat; cut-paper people are unreal.
E. The repeated use of black suggests evil.

Answer: D

Q.3. Go through the following:

1. Mood disorders do not lead to creativity
2. The flexibility of creativity occupations makes them more appealing to people with mood disoder
3. Mood swing in creative professions is less prevalent than in non-creative professions
Which of the following would undermine the passage’s main argument?

A. 2 & 3
B. 1 & 2
C. 3 only
D. 2 only
E. 1, 2 & 3

Answer: C

Q.4. Which of the following will make the authors contention in the passage fallacious?

A. Everyone in a mental asylum is potentially a great artist.
B. Patients in mental asylum prefer time-bound repetitive jobs.
C. Creative geniuses never end up in mentaol asylum.
D. Those with a creative spark will land up in a mental asylum.
E. Creativity is a form of bipolar disorder.

Answer: B

Q.5. An American female political might not be expected to exhibit the features of public discourse discussed in the passage while ______.

A. addressing her colleagues
B. chatting with intimate colleagues
C. speaking to members of a congregation
D. giving testimony
E. conversing with members of her community

Answer: B

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