CEEP Question Paper Answers 2019-20

CEEP Question Paper 2019-20 Answers.

CEEP Question Paper 2019-20 Answers Andhra Pradesh CEEP Question Paper 2019-20 With Solution Answers Free AP Polytechnic Entrance.

AP CEEP 2019-20 Question Paper, This AP CEEP 2019-20 Question will help all the students for their exam preparation, here the question type is MCQ i.e multiple choice question answers, if this AP CEEP 2019-20 question paper in pdf file for AP CEEP you can download it in FREE, if AP CEEP 2019-20 paper in text for AP CEEP you can download AP CEEP 2019-20 page also just Go to menu bar, Click on File->then Save.

CEEP is Common Entrance Examination for admission into Govt. and Private Polytechnics in the state, which are offering diploma courses in various Engineering / Non Engg. Branches and is conducted by State Board of Technical Education & Training, A.P., Hyderabad

CEEP Question Paper 2019-20 Answers

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 In a screw gauge, if the zeroth division of the head scale is above the ixdex line, then the correction is
(1) Negative (2) Positive
(3) May be positive or negative (4) No need of correction

 Heliocentric theory was first proposed by
(1) Galileo (2) Kepler (3) Tolerney (4) Copernicus

 The time period of oscillation of simple pendulum is doubled when
(1) Its length is doubled
(2) The mass of the bob is doubled
(3) Its length is made four times
(4) The mass of the bob and the length of the pendulum are doubled

 To get interference phenomenon, the distance between the two sources must be
(1) Less to the extent possible (2) More
(3) Less or more (4) Phenomenon does not depend on the distance

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