DNB CET Pharmacology Question Paper Answer 2019-20

DNB CET Pharmacology Question Paper Answer 2019-20

DNB CET Pharmacology Question Paper 2019-20 With Answers Solution Free Download  DNB CET Pharmacology 2019-20 Question Paper, This DNB CET Pharmacology 2019-20 Question will help all the students for their exam preparation, here the question type is MCQ i.e multiple choice question answers, if this DNB CET Pharmacology 2019-20 question paper in pdf file for DNB CET Pharmacology you can download it in FREE, if DNB CET Pharmacology 2019-20 paper in text for DNB CET Pharmacology you can download DNB CET Pharmacology 2019-20 page also just Go to menu bar, Click on File->then Save.

DNB CET Pharmacology Question Paper Answer 2019-20

Information Bulletin for Diplomate of National Board Centralized Entrance Test (DNB – CET)  For Admission to DNB Post Graduate Courses January 2019-20 Admission Session

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(94) Microtubule formation is inhibited by?
(A) Paclitaxel (B) Vincristine
(C) Etoposide (D) Irinotectan

(95) Atropine is most sensitive to?
(A) Mucous and pharyngeal secretions (B) Heart
(C) Pupil (D) GI tract motility

(96) Which is not an eff ect of atropine?
(A) Rise of body temperature (B) Decreased salivary secretion
(C) Bradycardia (D) Increased A-V conduction

(97) In diabetes mellitus with increased HBa1C, drug that is not used in treatment is?
(A) Sulfonylureas (B) Acarbose
(C) Biguinides (D) Th iazolidinediones

(98) HbA1C is decreased most by?
(A) Biguanides (B) Sulfonylureas
(C) Th iazolidinediones (D) Acarbose

(99) Drug used in post prandial sugar control is?
(A) Alfa glucosidase (B) Biguinides
(C) Sulfonylurea (D) Repaglinide

(100) Drug that can cause hypertrophic pyloric stenosis is?
(A) Tertacyclin (B) Erythromycin
(C) Ampicillin (D) Rifampicin

(101) Drug that should not be given with Apomorphine is?
(A) Dopamine agonist (B) Spironolactone
(C) Ondansetron (D) Aspirin

(102) In Anaphylactic shock epinephrine given by which route?
(A) Intravenous route (B) Oral
(C) Subcutaneous (D) Intramusular

(103) Which of the following is an example of endogenous/Physiological Antagonism?
(A) Heparin-Protamine (B) Prostacycline-Th rombaxone
(C) Adrenaline-Phenoxybenzamine (D) Physiostigmine-Acetylcholine

(104) In treatment of shock Dobutamine is preferred over Dopamine because?
(A) It causes less arrhythmia (B) It causes less renal vasodilatation
(C) It causes less coronary vasoconstriction (D) All the above

(105) Long acting insulin is?
(A) Insulin glargine (B) Insulin Lispro
(C) Insulin aspart (D) Insulin glulisine

(106) Pseudolymphoma is caused by?
(A) Th iazides (B) Penicillin
(C) Dapsone (D) Sulfonamides

(107) Side eff ects of isoniazid are all EXCEPT:
(A) Hepatitis (B) Optic neuritis
(C) Peripheral Neuropathy (D) Th rombocytopenia

(108) Drug that inhibits cell wall synthesis is?

(A) Tetracyclins (B) Penicillins
(C) Aminoglycosides (D) Chloramphenicol

(109) Which of the following Tetracycline can be used in renal failure without dose adjustment?
(A) Oxytetracyclin (B) Doxycyclin
(C) Demiclocyclin (D) Tetracycline

(110) Which is not an alkaloid?
(A) Morphine (B) Neostigmine
(C) Emetine (D) Atropine

(111) Th e eff ect of morphine which has least tolerance is?
(A) Analgesia (B) Respiratory depression
(C) Constipation (D) Bradycardia

(112) Which of the following is a bacteriostatic Antitubercular drug?
(A) Streptomycin (B) Ethambutol
(C) Isoniazid (D) Rifampicin

(113) Drug used in prophylaxis of meningococcal meningitis is?
(A) Ciprofl oxacin (B) Rifampicin
(C) Penicillin (A) Gentamycin

(114) All are true about rifampicin EXCEPT:
(A) Microsomal enzyme inducer
(B) Used in treatment of meningiococcal meningitis
(C) May cause OCP failure
(D) Bactericidal in nature

(115) Imatinib primarily acts on?
(A) BCR-ABL (B) Tyrosine kinase
(C) PGDFR (D) None

(116) Drugs used in the treatment of obesity is/are?
(A) Orlistat (B) Sibutramine
(C) Rimonabant (D) All of the above

(117) Rifampicin acts by?
(A) DNA dependent RNA polymerase (B) RNA dependent DNA polymerase
(C) Mycolic acid inhibition (D) Mycolic acid incorporation defects

(118) All are true about estrogen EXCEPT:
(A) Causes cholestasis (B) Used in treatment of gynacomastia
(C) Used in HRT (D) Increased risk of breasrt cancer

(119) Most hepatotoxic is?
(A) Olendralone (B) Methandrostenolone
(C) Stanozolol (D) Nandrolone

(120) Fastest acting antithyroid drug is?
(A) Potassium iodide (B) Propylthiouracil
(C) Carbimazole (D) Cholestyramine

(121) All of the following are topical steroids EXCEPT:
(A) Hydrocortisone valerate (B) Fluticasone propionate
(C) Triamcinolone (D) Prednisolone

(122) Cidofovir can be used for?
(A) Respiratory papillomatosis (B) Herpes simplex
(C) Herpes zoster (D) All of the above


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