GATE Preparation Tips 2019-20

GATE Preparation Tips 2019-20

GATE Preparation Tips 2019-20 How to prepare GATE 2019-20 tips CS EC CE EE ME IT MN PH CY CH PE AG AR PH MA XL MT TF GG MN Computer Science and Engineering CS Electronics & communication Engineering Civil Engineering Electrical Engineering Mechanical Instrumentation Pharmaceutical Science Chemical Engineering Production and Industrial Agricultural Engineering Architecture and Planning Physics Mathematics Life Sciences Metallurgical Engineering Textile Engineering Geology and Geophysics Mining Engineering GATE Preparation Tips 2019-20 | How to prepare GATE 2019-20

GATE Preparation Tips 2019-20

GATE Preparation Tips 2019-20 | How to Prepare | Crack Tips Tricks GATE 2019-20

According to me ( I am sorry to say that I don’t belongs to engineering department, So i did not get a chance qualify GATE ). These flowing steps are the general instructions, if you follow these by your heart  then no one can stop you to crack any exam like gate..) 

1. Collect GATE 2014 Syllabus and exam pattern i.e the structure of the question.

2. Collect GATE Previous Year Question Papers if you find those paper with solution | answer keys then this would be good.

3. Now go through the details syllabus of GATEThen check all the GATE question papers, now you can easily calculate your situation.

4Note downs, which part of that syllabus you are weak, strong or in between.

5. Now you know, what you need to study, it would be better start from weak part.

6. Make a time table for your GATE preparation. i would suggest you to study both half of the day. And spends 1 half on your weak areas.

7. Collect some model paper | sample paper for GATE 2014 exam.

8. If you can afford then join best | reputed Institute | Coaching Center otherwise its ok, not a big deal.

9Most important thing buy some best reference books GATE 2014 exam preparation.

10. If its possible you can give tuitions to other students (its doesn’t mean that you give GATE tuitions only, if you find someone for tuition, whose syllabus is more or less match with your GATE syllabus then go ahead , so your concept will be more clear, and you will learn many thing which you did not learn not during your self preparation


GATE Preparation
According to a Unknown Author

After pursuing engineering, all engineering students stand at the crossroad of making a decisive choice so as to explore interesting avenues as a choice for their careers. A majority of people opt for mainly two things that are management or M.Tech. With the current economic scenario of the India, there are various colleges that are not able to give 100% placement to their students. This results in candidates making a tough choice between management and M.Tech. In order to get admission in M.Tech the examination that holds significant importance on national as well as international level is GATE.

So, if you are the one seeking admission in post-graduation programmes in reputed engineering colleges and institutes in India, you need to crack GATE. Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering (GATE), is an All-India examination that holds high significant and is conducted in eight zones across India by the GATE committee. The main objective of GATE test is to identify the quality of students and assess their potential to continue higher education. By conducting GATE, it becomes easy to evaluate the students on the required skill scale and consistency to pursue higher studies in the field of engineering.

With the cut-throat competition, even those who save more than 85% in the GATE examination, lag behind in getting admissions into the reckoned institutions such as NITs and IITs. The questions of GATE are usually the derivation of fundamentals and preparation of GATE is an ongoing process and is supposed to take place in varied stages. Prepare your best with the fundamentals and then test yourself those fundamentals.

There are students who prepare at home with the number of book options available in the market today. Then there are few aspirants who opt for correspondence coaching courses. A coaching material cannot be assessed until one goes through the same word by word. Hence GATE aspirants can go by some tips of their seniors.

Those who are getting regular classroom coaching need to check whether the institute suits their requirement or not by considering some of the following parameters:

• Distinct Study Material- Now-a-days all the coaching institutes offer study material for assistance in studies. But if this material simply copy paste or re-write of materials taken from other books then these hold minimal importance. In comparison to all this, there are several standard books on each subject by good authors which can make your study enjoyable as well as interesting.

• Compilation of quality books- While studying theory, conceptualization and building application capabilities, and one needs good collection of books, which can really put our brain on exercise. Ensure that your coaching institute has a collection of good and informative books.

• Flexibility- There are aspirants who have slow or fast grasping power than the average. In such cases, it is better to ascertain the model that suits your needs and provide enough guidance to you at the same time.

• Tests and Evaluation Model- Ensure and track your progress through a set of tests and evaluation as this is the most crucial part of the preparation. This is the main area where the students fail due to lack of essential test and evaluation material.

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