KIITEE LLM Entrance Question Papers

KIITEE LLM Entrance Question Papers.

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KIITEE LLM Entrance Question Papers

KIIT Entrance Examination (KIITEE LLM ) is the All India Entrance Examination conducted by KIIT University, Bhubaneswar admission into following courses of the University.

Question Number 1-50 Carries 1 Mark Each
1. ‘Jus cogens’ means:
(A) Peremptory norms of general International law from which no derogation is  permissible
(B) Rules of ancient customary International law which are rendered redundant in modern times
(C) Abrogation of a rule in a treaty by a subsequent treaty
(D) Ruled developed from a bilateral treaty which has found universal

2. A decision of the International Court of Justice has a binding effect on :
(A) Parties alone in that particular case
(B) The States in similar situations
(C) National courts in similar circumstances
(D) Interveners who were not original parties in the particular case

3. Contributive theory of recognition refers to recognition that is:
(A) Evidentiary
(B) Declaratory
(C) Instrumental in creating statehood and clothing a new Government with authority in international relations
(D) Irrelevant to claims of statehood

4. The right of self defence provided in the U.N. Charter is subject to the judgment of the :
(A) General Assembly (B) Security Council
(C) International Court of Justice (D) Secretary General of the U.N.

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