PHD in Agricultural Chemicals in IARI Eligibility, Syllabus and Admission

PHD in Agricultural Chemicals in IARI Eligibility, Syllabus and Admission.

PHD in Agricultural Chemicals in IARI

 Online Notification is Published on- March

Sub-discipline- Agricultural Chemicals

Number of Seats – Agricultural Chemicals General 4 and SC-1 and OBC-1

Age Limit – The minimum age for admission shall be 21 years. No relaxation is admissible regarding
the minimum age limit.

Qualification for Admission to Agricultural Chemicals- M.Sc./M.Sc.(Ag)/M.Tech./M.E. in Agricultural Chemicals/Soil Science and Agricultural Chemistry/ Environmental Science/Chemistry

Syllabus  PART-II AND III:Agricultural Chemicals (01) Nomenclature and classification of organic compounds, chemical bonding; isomerism and stereo chemistry; properties and reactions of organic functional groups; aliphatic, alicyclic, aromatic and heterocyclic compounds; theory and application of chromatography and spectroscopy (IR, UV, NMR) in the study of organic compunds; chemistry of natural products; mono and sesqui-terpenes, steroids (cholesterol and Vitamin D), alkaloids (pyrrolidine, piperidine, pyridine, pyrole groups), lipids, carbohydrates, plant pigments, nucleic acids, amino acids and proteins. Chemical equilibria; chemical kinetics, kinetic theory of gases, thermodynamics; surface chemistry, colloids, emulsions.

Titrimetry, theory of indicators; redox reactions.

Classification of pesticides; chemistry of botanical pesticides (pyrethroids, rotenoids, nicotinoids) and synthetic insecticides (DDT, BHC, cyclodienes, malathion, methyl parathion, monocrotophos, phorate, carbaryl, carbofuran), fungicides (Bordeaux mixture, zineb, captan, ziram), herbicides (2,4-D, atrazine, diuron and butachlor), fumigants (EDB, EDCT, aluminium phosphide), rodenticides (Warfarin) and nematicide (nemagon); pesticide formulation – definition and classification, surfactants; pesticide residue chemistry.
Essential plant nutrients; chemistry, technology and use of important fertilizers; clays and clay minerals; soil organic matter, nitrification and denitrification; N2-fixation; radioactivity and radiotracer techniques.

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