PHD in Agricultural Physics in IARI Eligibility, Syllabus and Admission

PHD in Agricultural Physics in IARI Eligibility, Syllabus and Admission.

Online Notification is Published on- March

Sub-discipline-Agricultural Physics Agricultural Physics

Number of Seats – Agricultural Physics General 2 and SC-1, ST-1,

Age Limit – The minimum age for admission shall be 21 years. No relaxation is admissible regarding
the minimum age limit.

Qualification for Admission to Agricultural Physics-  M.Sc./M.Sc.(Ag)/M.Tech./M.E. in  Agricultural Physics/Agril. Chemistry/Soil Science/ Agricultural Meteorology/Meteorology/Agricultural Engineering/Engineering/ Physics/ Bio-physics/Water Science and Technology

Syllabus  PART-II AND III Agricultural Physics

  • Scope of agricultural physics; different forms of energy; first and second laws of thermodynamics, free energy and work function relationship; radioactivity, law of radioactive disintegration, detection and measurement of nuclear radiation and stable isotopes; concepts of tracer methodology; application of radioisotopes and radiation in agriculture; electromagnetic radiation, visible and infrared region and their application to remote sensing in agriculture.

Weather and climate; climatic classification; Koppen and Thornthwaite systems; humid and dry climates; continental, maritime and desert climates; climatology of India; western disturbances, cyclones, arid and semi- arid regions.

Soils of India; factors and processes of soil formation; physical, physicochemical, biological and mineralogical properties of soils; soil compaction and mechanical impedance; stress strain relationships; structure and physical properties of water; Poiseuille’s law, Darcy’s law; soil water retention and movement under saturated and unsaturated conditions; infiltration, redistribution and evaporation of soil water; field water balance and water use efficiency; soil aeration; gaseous interchange; influence of soil temperature and aeration on crop growth and their management; soil erosion and control.

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