PHD in Environmental Sciences in IARI Eligibility, Syllabus and Admission

PHD in Environmental Sciences in IARI Eligibility, Syllabus and Admission.

Online Notification is Published on- March

Sub-discipline-Environmental Sciences

Number of Seats – Environmental Sciences- General 2 and  SC-1 ST-1, OBC 1

Age Limit – The minimum age for admission shall be 21 years. No relaxation is admissible regarding
the minimum age limit.

Qualification for Admission to Environmental Sciences-  M.Sc./M.Sc.(Ag)/M.Tech./M.E. in  Biochemistry/Agricultural Biochemistry/ Agricultural Chemistry/ Molecular Biology and /OR Biotechnology/Relevant Life Sciences/ Chemistry with Organic Chemistry as a special subject

Syllabus  PART-II AND III Environmental Sciences  Position of insects in animal kingdom – their origin, phylogeny and distribution; history and basis of insect classification; distinguishing characters of insect Orders and economically important families; concept of species and speciation; rules and regulations of zoological nomenclature; morphology – external and internal; embryonic and post-embryonic development.

Insect ecology – biotic potential, biotic and abiotic resistance, effect of temperature, humidity and light on insect development and population dynamics; diapause, food chain, migration and dispersal. Fundamentals of insect physiology, different systems, their structure and function, metabolism, sense organs, insect behaviour, host plant relationship.

Social and other beneficial insects; pests of field crops and stored food; principles of pest control; classification, mode of action and metabolism of insecticides; insecticidal residues; resistance and resurgence; parasites, predators and pathogenic microoganisms of crop pests, biological control.

Antifeedants, hormones, growth regulators, semiochemicals, host-plant resistance and genetic manipulation, insect quarantine; concept of integrated pest management; non-insect pests and their control.

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