SCERT Manipur TET Child Development and Pedagogy MCQ Question Answers

SCERT Manipur TET Child Development and Pedagogy MCQ Question Answers.

Manipur State Teacher Eligibility Test-2019-20 (MSTET) SCERT Manipur TET Child Development and Pedagogy MCQ Question Answers

Q.1 The relationship between growth and development is rightly expressed when we say :
(A) development is independent of growth.
(B) the effect of growth on development is negligible.
(C) development is achieved through growth.
(D) development is to be made without taking growth level into consideration.

Q.2 The influences of heredity and environment upon development of a child is rightly expressed when we say.
(A) It is solely heredity which influences development .
(B) It is solely environment which influences development.
(C) There is an additive/proportionate influences of heredity and environment upon development.
(D) there is an interaction of heredity and environment to influence development.

Q.3 In Piaget’s four stages of cognitive development, which one of the given below has been wrongly stated :
(A) Sensorimotor stage (B) Preoperational state
(C) Post operational stage (D) Formal operations stage.

Q.4 The term Vygotsky uses to mean the range of tasks that children cannot yet perform independently but can perform with the help and guidance of others is :
(A) Zone of proximal development
(B) Zone of actual development.
(C) Zone of potential development.
(D) Zone of maximum development.

Q.5 Virtually all the psychologists agree that children in any single age group differ in how quickly they acquire new knowledge and skills, and the term which most use to mean this individual difference variable is :
(A) Aptitude. (B) Thinking (C) Adaptability (D) None of the above.

Q.6 Who is the psychologist who designed the earliest version of what we now call an intelligence
test ?
(A) Alfred Binet (B) Charles E. Spearman.
(C) Lewis M. Terman (D) Louis L. Thurstone.

Q.7 The ratio obtained by dividing mental age by chronological age and then multiplying by 100 is known :
(A) Education quotient. (B) Ability quotient
(C) Intelligence quotient (D) Achievement quotient.

Q.8 The Psychologist who suggests that there are least eight different relatively independent intelligences is :
(A) Howard Gardner (B) Robert J. Sternberg
(C) Raymond B. Cattell. (D) John L. Horn.

Q.9 Peer pressure has its greatest effects during
(A) Early childhood (Ages 2-6)
(B) Middle childhood (ages 6-10)
(C) Early adolescence (Ages 10-14)
(D) Late adolescence (Ages 14-18)

Q.10. All infants, even those who are congenitally deaf and so have never heard a human voice, begin to produce speech like sounds at about 6 or 7 months of age on average, which is known as :
(A) Babbling (B) Whispering (C)Mooing (D) chattering.


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