NTPC Placement Paper 2009 with Answer

NTPC Placement Paper 2009 with Answer.

NTPC 2009 Question Paper , This NTPC 2009 Question will help all the students for their exam preparation, here the question type is MCQ i.e multiple choice question answers, if this NTPC 2009 question paper in pdf file for NTPC you can download it in FREE, if NTPC 2009 paper in text for NTPC you can download NTPC 2009 page also just Go to menu bar, Click on File->then Save.
NTPC Paper having Technical Aptitude and others

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1. What is causal system?

2. Shunt reactor is used in EHV transmission line for

3. 20w, 40W, & 200w lamps are connected to three phases if neutral wire breaks then  which lamp will fuse first? 1) 20 2)40 3)200 three lamps will fuse together.

4. Synchronous machine can be operated at both lagging and leading power factor

5 What does synchronous speed mean?

6. Frequency of emf generated per rotation of rotor is equal to.

7. DC machine having wave winding is wounded as lap winding what will be the effect on emf generated

8 Which is remain unchanged in transformer action?

9. In transformer windings are connected.?

10. In general how transformer is rated?

11. What is given on the name plate of motor? 1) KW 2) KVA 3) output shaft power

12. Short circuit test of transformer gives what?

13. Transformer core are laminated for what purpose?

14. What is supply voltage for heavy industry .1) 33KV 2) 11KV 3) 132 KV 4) 66KV

15. Basic structure SCR as a two transistor i.e. how they are connected?

16. What is Triac?

17. System admittance is (G+jB) what is reactive power absorbed if the voltage is V KV?
(1) V (square)*B (2) V (square)*g .

18. In series R-L circuit what is phase difference between the voltage drop across R and L?

19. Power factor is cosine (delta ) delta is the angle between 1) phase voltage phase

NTPC Placement Paper 2009 with Answer