Tips Tricks For Smart AIEEE Preparation 2016 How to Crack

Tips Tricks For Smart AIEEE Preparation 2016 How to Crack.

Students with the passion to pursue engineering in the top notch AIEEE colleges of India must crack AIEEE, the most prestigious engineering entrance examination. In AIEEE the emphasis is on fundamental concepts and their application in different situations. This differs significantly from the C.B.S.E Board examinations. The questions asked in the AIEEE seek to test the conceptual clarity and the reasoning ability of the students.

Most of the questions in AIEEEare not difficult but they are just different & they require a different approach, a different mindset. Each question has an element of surprise in it & student who is adept in tackling ‘surprise questions’ is most likely to sail through.In this lesson I have tried to give smart AIEEE preparation strategies for the students preparing for AIEEE 2010. This information will help you establish new goals, develop a new sense of purpose and generate new ideas that will be helpful in your preparation.


AIEEE Tips & Tricks for smart AIEEE preparation
Tips 1:-

Well thought revision plan: The first & foremost step is to build a sound & feasible plan for your AIEEE preparation.Divide your entire time into a reasonable time chart with milestones in between & plan your studies accordingly. Do not overestimate the time you have. You are advised to leave free time in between so that if any module gets delayed you don’t have to change the plan.

Study the trend of AIEEE previous year question papers & draw marks distribution of each subject to find out which topics are most important & which are least. Give priority to important topics & try to put them in early stage of your AIEEE preparation to avoid any possibility of them being left.Review your plan periodically to find out if there are any lapses & how they can be covered up. To summarize I believe that most of the student’s fail not because of lack of ability or intelligence but because of lack of desire, direction, proper planning & discipline
Tips 2:-
So even if your learning process is slow, keep studying day after day without getting discouraged. All the subjects are equally important. Devote more time to subject/topic you are weak in (remember most of us tend to devote more time on areas we are strong & often shy away from our weakness). In most of the examinations minimum qualifying marks are there for each subject. Hence make sure that you do not ignore any subject & allocate adequate time to each subject.


Tips 3:-

Strengthening Application of fundamentals:Quality is more important than Quantity: Doing 100 quality & concepts based questions is more important than doing 1000 questions which have not been selected carefully. Remember that the purpose is to sharpen problem-solving skills. Start with conventional methods of problem solving but improvise constantly & build your own shortcuts & ways of attacking a problem. While practicing the problem always try to solve the problem on your own. If you are unable to solve a problem do not hurry to consult the solution. Study the relevant theory again, paying attention to the finer points and the problem at the back of mind.

Experience shows that studying the theory with a definite problem in mind is very effective and also sharpens the problem solving skills. Remember that directly going though the solutions is not going to help you at all. The key in problem solving does not lie in understanding the solution to the problem but to find out what clues in the problem leads you to the right explanation. In case you are not able to solve the problem try to find out the reason by analyzing the level of problem & practice similar kind of problems so that you can master the tricks involved.

While doing problem solving try to strengthen and develop your conceptual understanding by analyzing deeply and correlating the problem with real life situations. While practicing identify your strong & weak areas (subject wise/topic wise/question wise). Testing your aieee preparation chapter by chapter can do this. Through a structured test you should be able to diagnose which chapter, which concept & what type of problems you need to practice more.

Tips 4:-

Strengthening Speed, Strike rate and Examination temperament: Always keep track of your average speed of solving aieee questions.Participating in aieee mock test papers helps in time & temperament management during the final exams. It has been observed that most of the students loose 15 to 20% of their marks not because they do not know the subject but because they fail to apply the basic concepts correctly. This is basically due to examination fear & pressure. These marks that a student looses because of silly mistakes (calculation errors, confusion, fail to apply the right concepts, solving the problem by long method) can be reduced if a student regularly participates in aieee test series based on the aieee pattern & level of final exams.

Get a feedback on your aieee preparation by getting yourself tested by a body other than your College. Testing by expert faculty and training institutes would give you an independent and unbiased feedback about your performance. It is preferable if these tests give feedback on National level. Please remember that both speed & strike rate are important for success. Continuously develop the ability to do things fast & accurately. Keep interacting with people who are preparing. Since the competition is on National level it is important to compare your aieee preparation with other students preparing across the country.

In short I can say that “AIEEE is not necessarily test of knowledge of basic fundamentals only but it is a test of application of knowledge to solve surprise problems with perfect time & temperament management.

Tips 5:-
Working with choices (see all the options and do not go for last digit accuracy unless required by the problem) when you are doing subject wise exercises you can also calculate speed subject wise.Here we would like to highlight one more point that just good speed is not enough because of negative marks, so a high speed with less accuracy may be harmful
Tips 6:-

Strike Rate:This originates the second important factor, the strike rate. Strike rate means the percentage of correctly attempted questions.Strike rate can be improved with the help of intelligent guessing. Intelligent guessing means guessing a question you are not completely sure but have some idea about. Your objective is not to solve the question but choosing the correct option out of the 4 given choices. So always try to eliminate the choices.

Remember that if one choice is eliminated, chances of your guess being right is 33% (in comparison to a blind guess where the chances of being right is 25%) and if two are eliminated the chances of hitting the right answer are 50 %.

So remember that a good speed or strike rate alone cannot give you success. One without the other is a good way to mess up a potentially good performance. So, what is required is a good combination of both speed and strike rate.

Tips 7:-

Always keep in mind that normally questions in any competitive exams can be categorized into 3 areas

Easy: Approximately 25% questions in a paper are easy
Average: Approximately 60% questions in a paper are average
Difficult: Approximately 15% questions in a paper are difficult

The easy and average questions ensure selection whereas the difficult questions make the merit. You should focus on careful selection of the easy and average questions and avoid difficult questions in the first and second round and come back to them once you have completed the entire paper once. Also remember that cut-off in most of the exams moves between 60 to 70%. So if you focus on easy and average question i.e. 85% of the questions, you can easily score 70% marks without even going to difficult question. Try to ensure that in the initial 2 hours of the paper the focus should be clearly on easy and average question, after two hours you can decide whether you want to move to difficult questions or revise the ones attempted to ensure a high strike rate.


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