C++ Aptitude and OOPS Question Answer 2016

C++ Aptitude and OOPS Question Answer 2016.

Note : All the programs are tested under Turbo C++ 3.Oq 4.5 and Microsoft VC++ 6.0
It is assumed that,
Programs run under Windows environment,
The underlying machine is an x86 based system,
Program is compiled using Turbo C/C++ compiler.
The program output may depend on the information based on this assumptions
(for example sizeof(int) 2 may be assumed).

2) Which is the parameter that is added to every non-static member function when it is called’?
Answer :
this’ pointer

2) Justify the use of virtual constructors and destructors in C++.
3) Each C++ object possesses the 4 member ths4(which can he declared by the programmer explicitly or by the implementation if they are not available). What are those 4 functions?

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