C Interview Questions With Answers 2016

C Interview Questions With Answers 2016.

Which class represents a hash algorithm used strictly for data integrity?
The MD5 Class
Which class grants a dynamically-generated FileIOPermission to the directory from
which the code is executed?
The FileCodeGroup class
Which enumeration indicated whether an access rule is to allow or deny access?
The AccessControlType enumeration
What should you apply to a method for it to execute while an object is converted to a
stream of bytes?
OnSerializing attribute to the method
Which class should you use to paint filled shapes and text in GDI+?
Which assembly attribute should you apply to indicate the keys used when compiling a
strong-named assembly?
Which property of the Process class returns the name of the computer on which the
process is running?
MachineName property
Which method of the CodeGroup class will determine the policy for the code group based
on the specified evidence?
Resolve method
Which two values of the ConfiguratinoUserLevel enumeration indicate a user-specific
PerUserRoaming and PerUserRomaingAndLocal values.
When should you use a queue?
When organizing elements according to the First In, First Out (FIFO) method
Which attribute should you apply to a parameter or return type to force marshalling into a
specific COM data type?
MarshalAs attribute
Which method should you place a core code in a Windows Service?
Which interface should you implement to enable sorting a class?

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