NPTI Electrical Model Papers

NPTI Electrical Model Papers.

National Power Training Institute (NPTI) 2019 For NPTI Electrical Model Question Papers 2019 NPTI Electrical Model Sample Question papers NPTI Electrical Model Mock Test Question Paper for 2019 Exam, This NPTI Electrical Model Question are based on the syllabus but here some of the question may out of syllabus, just for your better exam NPTI Electrical Model Exam preparation.

National Power Training Institute (NPTI) 2019 exam Model Paper 2019 will help all the students for their NPTI Electrical Model exam preparation, here the NPTI Electrical Model Sample question 2019 are MCQ i.e multiple choice question answers, if this NPTI Electrical Model question paper 2019 in pdf file format you can download it in FREE, if NPTI Electrical Model Sample Paper 2019 in text format you can download NPTI Electrical Model page also just Go to menu bar, Click on File->then Save. provides all kind model papers like here NPTI Electrical Model exam Model Paper 2019 you can make your exam preparation much more better by this NPTI Electrical Model Sample Paper 2019 with Answers | Solution also allow you download NPTI Electrical Model Exam Guess Paper with Free of Cost.


A 50 Hz, 4-pole, 500 MVA, 22 kV turbo-generator is delivering rated megavolt-amperes at 0.8 power factor. Suddenly a fault occurs reducing is electric power output by 40%. Neglect losses and assume constant power input to the shaft. The accelerating torque in the generator in MNm at the time of the fault will be Options
A) 1.528 B) 1.018 C) 0.848 D) 0.509
Correct Answer A

The 8085 assembly language instruction that stores the content of H and registers into the memory locations 2050H and 2051H, respectively, is 
A) SPHL 2050H B) SPHL2051H C) SHLD 2050H D) STAX 2050H

14 The following motor definitely has a permanent magnet rotor Options
A) DC commutator motor B) Brushless dc motor C) Stepper motor D) Reluctance motor
Correct C

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