Solaris Admin Interview Questions Answers 2016

Sun Solaris Admin Interview Questions Answers 2016.

Question: According the SA-238 course book, the Boot PROM chip is permanently
soldered to the main logic board (motherboard).
Answer : it can be replaced, but this think to be done by only SUN . they may give new
ID number for that.
Question : What is the command to do an interactive boot from the ok prompt?
Answer: The Interactive Boot Process:
At the ok prompt, type boot -a and press Enter. The boot program prompts you
Answer 2:
After Power on,
at the ok prompt type,
ok>boot –a
Question : Consider the following crontab entry: ?59 23 13 * 5 /wipe.disk? What
time will this cronjob run?
Answer : That means: on Black Friday, your hard drive will get wiped out.
==> (on 13th and Friday) 23:59, /wipe.disk will be runningIf the 13’th Day of the month
is Friday, the job will run. (week day starts from Sunday day 1).
Question : How can i disable STOP+A utility on SUN machines, which brings
system into OK> prompt???.
Answer : in /etc/system set abort_enable=0 will disable STOP-A There are several ways
to disable “STOP-A”
(1)Edit the /etc/default/kbd file
(2)Use the “kbd -a disable” command
(3) Edit /etc/system file
set abort_enable = 0
Question : How do we know how many LAN cards we have in server?
Answer : Just Type in the following command at prompt#ifconfig -a.That shall give the
LAN Cards as well as total Physical and Logical IP Addresses dmesg – It displays all
configured items on systems.
Question : What is “Piping”?
Answer : piping:- sending the output of a command to the input of another is called
some examples are:
$cal | wc
will output total line’s,word’s and character’s
$cal | wc | wc
will output total line’s,word’s and character’s
A unix pipe provides a one-way flow of data.
For example, if a Unix users issues the command
$who | sort |lpr
then the Unix shell would create three processes with two pipes between them:
A pipe can be explicitly created in Unix using the pipe system call. Two file descriptors
are returned–fildes[0] and fildes[1], and they are both open for reading and writing. A
read from fildes[0] accesses the data written to fildes[1] on a first-in-first-out (FIFO)
basis and a read from fildes[1] accesses the data written to fildes[0] also on a FIFO basis.
When a pipe is used in a Unix command line, the first process is assumed to be writing to
stdout and the second is assumed to be reading from stdin. So, it is common practice to
assign the pipe write device descriptor to stdout in the first process and assign the pipe
read device descriptor to stdin in the second process. This is elaborated below in the
discussion of multiple command pipelines.
Question : Where are the templates stored that are copied into the user’s home
directories for their personal customizations?
Answer : /etc/skel
Question : Which NFS daemons are found on the NFS server?
Answer :nfsd
These five daemons will be in NFS server.
statd and lockd will be in NFS client too.

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