Worst Interview Questions 2016

Worst Interview Questions 2016.

The Rippling Brainwaves blog has an
interesting post about the ‘worst interview
question,’ namely “What is your greatest
weakness?” and the related questions “what
are you bad at?” or “in what areas do you
need improvement?”

According to the author, these
questions represent a ‘Catch-22′,
and make him wonder if there is
any good way to answer them or
whether they have ever “done
anyone any good.”

As a job candidate facing this question in an
interview, you don’t want to avoid or evade the
question, and you don’t want to lie, but you
don’t want to torpedo your interview by
revealing a glaring weakness either.
So, how do you answer this question

Worst Interview Questions 2016

The Employer’s Perspective
First, let’s talk about why an interviewer would
even ask this question. Does it serve any
legitimate purpose?

From the perspective of a potential employer,
this type of open-ended question can be good
to see how the candidate handles stress and
challenges. The answers can also provide
insights into the awareness, maturity, and
thinking process of the interviewee, which
could be useful in making a final decision
among several equally qualified candidates.

In his book Working with Emotional
Intelligence, Daniel Goleman argues that
emotional intelligence and so called soft-skills
can make a tremendous difference in the
workplace, and often distinguish superstars
from average workers. One of these emotional
intelligence skills is self-awareness and the
ability to see, recognize, and adapt to our own
strengths, limitations, and weaknesses.

How to Answer Effectively

Here are three tips to help you answer this question effectively:

1. Be Prepared

2. Be Relevant

3. Focus on Technical/Job Skills

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