HAL Aptitude Question Papers with answers 2016

HAL Aptitude Question Papers with answers 2016.

HAL Aptitude Question Papers with answers 2016 pdf Sample Question Papers of HAL Solved

18. what is the next number in the series . 4, -8,16,-32,64,
a)192 b) 256 c)-128 d)128 ans c

19. odd men out …. 3,5,7,11,12,13,17,19
a) 3 b) 7 c)12 d)19 ans c

20.in the following series which is not correctly fit 7,8,18,57,228,1165,6996
a)7 b)57 c)228 d) none of these ans c

21. odd men out 583, 462, 792,427,132
a) 462 b)427 c) 132 d) 792 ans b

22. if x>y and x2-2xy + y2 -9=0, x +y = 15 …what is the value of x
a)3 b)12 c)10 d)9 ans d

23. how many times in day the hands of a clock are straight
a) 48 b)44 c)22 d) 24 ans b

24.which of the following numbers is divisible by 3,7,9 and 11
a)2079 b) 1266 c)1165 d) none of these ans a

25.Odd men out sitar, veena, tumpura ,sarood

26. Odd men out cricket, boxing, golf, tennis, hockey, football, bowling
a) cricket b)bowling c) golf d) boxing
Three Questions were given on figures like what is the next figure in sequence
Section three ……..Technical Related to digital electronics

27.the radix or base of hexadecimal number system is ———–a) 8 b)16 c)5 d)none of these

28.the no of 1’s in the binary representation of the expression 162*9+162*7+16*5+3 are ………….
a)10 b)23 c)6 d)4

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