HAL General Knowledge Question Papers with answers 2016

HAL General Knowledge Question Papers with answers 2016.

General Knowledge :- 30 Questions

1. Lucknow is popular for which fruit: –
a) Mango b) Orange c) Water fruit

2. Governor of utter Pradesh

3. President of India

4. In which district of UP a oil refinery is found

5. Pigeon is the indication of

6. The chemical Formula of salt

7. Republic day in India is celebrated on

8. The “Beating the retreat” hasn’t celebrated on republic day, what is its resion…

9. Lucknow city is located near which river

10. Firozabad is popular for

11. Renukot is popular for

12. The first prime minister of India

13. The first President of India

14. The birth day of Pandit Jawahar Lal Nehru is celebrated as:-

15. The writer of ‘Godan’

16. Word ‘Agfa’ is related to:–

Author of “the great Indian story”.
Author of ”making globalization work”.
Captain of the 2006 world cup winning italian football team.
Full form of the acronym CITES.
Period of the fourth five-year plan.
In which year did the turks conquer Constantinople .


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