HAL General Knowledge Question Papers 2016

HAL General Knowledge Question Papers 2016.

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1.The Kaziranga national park in Assam is famous for —————-
A) one horn rhinoceros B)white tiger C)Impale D)none of these ans a

2.The old name of Delhi was —————-
a) Indrastuptha b)gaya c) pataliputra d) ayodhya

3. All the electioneering campaign has to end ————–
a) before 48 hrs of polling b) before 48 hrs of commencement of results c) before 36 hrs of polling
d) before 72 hrs of polling

4. In 1590 , when Portuguese first visited the island Taiwan they named it as
a) Taliban b)mayanmar c) forusa(spelling missing ) d) none of these

5.According to Indian mythology Ravana was well skilled in playing ——–
a) sitar b)sarood c)Harmonium d) fluete

6.which of the following is not a beach in Goa ————— no idea about options

7.which hindi (b/w) film was first converted to color—————
a) Moghal E Azam b) Alam Ara c) Satya Harishchandra d) none

8.Which of the following book is not written by Charles Drekens …………………. no idea about
options English related ……………….

9.Escape : Abscond :—————————

10.inception : Conclusion :—————————

11. the appropriate meaning of Ocular in the following is ——————–

12.Which hand you use to write———–? A)about b) on c) in d) with

13. He is in the habit ————–(find ) new things a) in finding b) of finding c) with finding d)to

14.Phoebe was in the car when her phone is ringing —————— rewrite the sentence without
changing the meaning

15. She was in the kitchen when the telephone was ringing —————- rewrite the sentence

16. All his friends are older ———–him a)to b)than c)for d)from

17. you ————be careful when you want not to be blamed a)have to b) has to c) had to d) none of

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