iGATE Technical Interview Question Papers With Answers 2016 Previous Question Papers of iGATE Technical Interview Solved

iGATE Technical Interview Question Papers With Answers 2016 Previous Question Papers of iGATE Technical Interview Solved.

iGATE Technical Interview Question Papers with answers 2011 pdf Previous Question Papers of iGATE Technical Interview Solved

iGATE Technical Interview/written Question

why String class is immutable.immutable

test cases for traffic signals in a four raod junction.

UPDATE statement can on a single table or on the multiple table?

what do you monitor in st04?

what are the sap table space names that you see in db02?

how to add abap role to portal users?

what is the name of the xml file that you place along with support stack at the time
of java stack upgradation?

your functional team has asked you to provide the seurity for a tcode.how do you go
about it?

what is the advantage of cua from a layman/manager point of view?

how to find if there are an expensive sql statements running.if yes,what to do?

I want to reset the passwords of 100 users.how do you do it?

what is the alternate tcode for su01?

a user says he couldn’t login.his account isn’t locked,not expired,no network
issues.what will you do?

how to uninstall a snote?

what is the procedure to delete a role?

an user schedules a background job.If you monitor in sm37 that job is shown as
being run by a different user.how do you find out the actual user who is responsible
for it?

How to change English language to Chinese in BO Desiner (Universe)?

Can we copy Vsam files from a Vsam file in Iebgener step?

After using delete statement in sql query to delete some records…to retrieve the
deleted records we can get using rollback command but till that where it stores
means particular location name i need….(after deleting and rollback )

how do you resolve for soc7 error

What is an advantage to using switches in your network? A. Addressing of hosts by

DHCP B. Ease of administration C. Stops broadcast storms D. Works like a repeater

what is verification, validation

how to get second highest salary in SQL

1)what is the basic diff. between unit testing and component testing

2)how do you implement framework in ur project through automation

Explain about Redefines cluse?

wht is the use of check list?

fiscal year means what???

What are the difference between Water fall model and V- Model? Which one is
better? Why 80% of Software companies using Water fall model nowadays?

Q1.A. Write note on “The class path Environment Variable”? B. Which are different
kinds of source code?

Q2.A. How to create an interface? B. Why convert an applet to an application?

Q3.A. How to use Media tracker Class. B. How to use string tokenizer class.

Q4 A. Explain the overview of UDP messaging. B. Difference between SQL Exception
class and SQL Warning class.

Q5. A. How to create com object in Java? B. Write short notes on “The properties

Q6. A. When object is created and destroyed? B. Explain the JDB in depth &
command line. C. Write short notes on Web Sites.

What is mean by “fill factor” ? and what is mean by “Index “in sql?

how u create security to reports ????

can we transfer data from one page to another page using viewstate if so how?if not

How to write a program for swapping two strings without using 3rd variable and
without using string functions.

how to calculate no. of earthing pits and their diamensions? no. of lightning arrester
rods which are required to protect a building of 35 mtr and we calculate?

what is meant by CMMI standards

How to Import(insert) data from an excel sheet to Database(table).


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