ISRO ECE Electronic and communication Question Paper 2009

ISRO ECE Electronic and communication Question Paper 2009.

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52 There is a heat transfer between two walls having thickness and conductivities k1 & K2 respectively. The linear temperature profile of first wall is more steeper than the second wall . Findout the ratio K1/K2 ———————
a) >0 b) <0 c)=0 d) the given data is insufficient 53 The max shear stress developed in solid circular shaet is 100 MPa . Calculate the max normal stress developed in it? ?????? 54 This question related to welding ————-

55 Bearing liner————————- a) Babbit metal b) Gun metal


56 Electrical resistance material ————–Nichrome 57 This question related to radiation

58 A sun emits 1150K at 0.5μ. A furnace emits 300k from small door ————– 59 In the simple pendulum , the maximum amplitude depends on ——————- increase in length 60 The fuel flow increases if————————- a) exhaust valve burnt b) filter choke c) silencer choke

61 The jet propulsion depends on————- a) jet velocity b) weight ratio

62 What is the condition for perfect frame————————————-

63 Depth of cut can be increased by———————–

64 The workpiece can be held in—————–

65 This is related to Nucleate boiling

24) When the operating wavelength of line is λ/4<λ<λ/2, the impedance is a) Capacitive b) inductive c) ____ D) none

25) The value of L if source is 50V AC of 10 KHz frequency and current is 7.96 A. a) ____

26) The resonant frequency is 50MHz bandwidth 100 KHz then Q factor is a) ______ b)_______ c)…..

27)The Q factor of a series RLC circuit is a)……b)……

28) Q value of a parallel RLC circuit is ________ a)……b)…. 2

9) If the lines x+y+3=0, x-2y+7=0, 2x+ky+5=0 are required to be concurrent then the value of k is___ a) ___ b)…..

30) The vectors i-2j+k, 2i+3j-k,R are the complete, then r is given by ______

31) If a satellite revolving with angular velocity w and the velocity is v then Curl v is _______ a) w b) 2w c) w 2 d) …..

32) If each stage amplifier contains 10dB gain the figure of merit of 2-stages is Given by ……
33) The maximum rate possible in kbps if F=15 and bandwidth is 4 KHz is…….

34) The maximum time allowed for each flip flop for a ripple counter of mod-1024 , if clock given to it is 1MHz is …….. 35) The maximum time allowed time for each flip flop for a mod 10 synchronous counter if each flip flop delay is 25ns. a) 25 ns b) 50 ns c) 100 ns d) none
36) The high speed for CML gate is due to operating it in ——— region. a) non saturation
37)In a micro processor the wait states are inserted to a) make the processor to wait during DMA operation b) make the processor to wait during an interrupt processing c) make the processor wait during a power shutdown. d) interface the slow peripherals to the processor.

38) In a digital voltmeter the ADC’s used are of type 1. successive 2.flash type 3. Dual slope in ascending order of time is a) 2,1,3 b) 1,2,3 c) 3,1,2 d) none

39) The number of NAND gates are required to implement AӨB (XOR), assuming compliments not available ………….

40) The resolution for a DAC is given by 0.4% then no. of bits of DAC is a) 8- bits 41) The chip capacity is 256 bits, then the no. of chips required to build 1024 B memory Is………. a) 32 b) 16 c) 15)

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