Punjab PSC General Knowledge Question Paper Free Download 2016

Punjab PSC General Knowledge Question Paper Free Download 2016.

Free download pdf Punjab public service commission, Punjab PSC General Knowledge Question Paper

Punjab PSC General Knowledge Question Paper Model

1. Who invented the following
A. ball-point pen B. Laser C. Refrigerator D. Stethoscope
E. X-ray

2. Who wrote the following books?
A. Geetha Govindam B. Vanaprastham C. Paradise Lost
D. My Life and Time E. The Waste Land

3. Give the full from the following abbreviations :-

5. Explain the following in a sentence or two:__
A. Lactometer B. Seismograph C. Pasteurised Milk
D. Blood count E. Punchayati Raj

6. What are equity shares?

7. What is federalism?

8. Who was the winner of World Cup football in 1998?

9. Who got 1997 Arjuna Award in Athletics?

10. Who was the youngest Indian President to assume office?

11. Who got 1995 Jnanpith Award?

13. Where is Visweswaryya Industrial and Technology Museum situated?

14. Who deigned the first postal stamp in India?

15. Which are the states of origin of Kuchpudi and Bharatnatyam?

16. Which is the most populous State in India?

17. Which plat was hitted by Comet Shoemaker – Levy 9 ?

18. INSAT 2C was launched from which place?

19. Who was the first Indian in space?

20. Who is the central Cabinet Minister for Human Resource Development?


1. A. John J. Loud of USA invented ballpoint pen in 1888.
2. A.Jayadevan. B, M T Vasudevan Nair C. John Milton
D. V V Giri E. T S Eliot.

3. A. International Organization de Standardization. ISO is an international organization for creating international standards for good and services.
B. South Asian Association for Regional Co-operation.
C. National Environmental Engineering Research Institute. It is Nagpur
D. ZPG-Zero Population Growth
E. Doctor of Philosophy.

4. A. iv (Swami Vivekananda) B. ii (Gandhiji)
C. v (Lal Bhadur Shastri) D. I (Subhash Chandra Bose)
E. iii (Shakespeare)

5. A. Lactometer is scientific instrument for testing the purity of milk. It is based on the principle of floatation.

B. Seismograph is an instrument for recording the intensity and origin of earthquakes.

C. Pasteurization is the sterilization of food by heating to a temperature below 1000 C to reduce the number of micro-organisms it contains and so to protects it from decay. For milk, The method involved is heating it to 1610 F/ 720 C for 15 seconds followed by rapid cooling to 500 F / 100 C. The process kill micro – organisms but retains the taste. Flavour and nutritive value of milk.

D. Blood count is the counting of the number of white blood corpuscles in blood. In normal state one cubic mm blood contains 10000 WBCs. If the number exceeds, it will cause leukemia. Defensive mechanism of the body is affected by the fall in number of WBCs.

E. Panchyati Raj is the three tier system of local self – government. It aims to decentralize power and thereby help the grass root level people to decide their fate by the use of local resources.

6. Equity shares are ordinary shares of a company which take maximum risk with no guarantee of dividend but earn of maximum return when there is high profit for the company.

7. Federalism is a system of government in which several autonomous states or provinces join and surrender some important powers to a central authority for the common good.

8. France. France defeated Brazil in the finals. 2002 World Cup was jointly hosted by Japan and South Korea . South Africa hosted 2010 World Cup.

9. Reeth Abraham 10. Neelam Sanjeev Reddy

11. Acharya Kripalani 12. M.T Vasudevan Nair

13. Bangalore 14. Caption H L Thuillier

15. Kuchipudi originated in Andhra Pradesh and Bharatnatyam in Tamil Nadu.

16. Uttar Pradesh .Sikkim is the least populous state.

17. Jupiter 18. Kourou Island in French Guyana.

19. Rakesh Sharma. (1984). The second Indian and the first Asian women to go to space was Kalpana Chawla.

20. Arjun Singh.

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