TISS MA in Counselling Question Papers with answers 2016

TISS MA in Counselling Question Papers with answers 2016.

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Duration: 1 Hour Total Marks: 50

SECION A: Descriptive test: Essay Test of 1000 words Marks: 30
(Testing for awareness and sensitivity to contemporary social issues to assess analytical
writing abilities through an essay.)]
Choose ANY ONE of the following three.

1. The Government of India is systematically washing its hands of its responsibilities
to its citizens on issues such as education. Comment.

2. The problems faced by Indians in many parts of the world (such as Australia) are a
reflection of their inability to adjust in another environment. Discuss.

3. Growing up poor predisposes an individual to be less moral, less intelligent and less
equipped to deal with life as an adult. Comment.

SECTION B: Marks: 20
Reflect on ANY ONE of the topics given below. Confine your response to not more than
500 words.

1. Academic achievement is an adequate reflection of individual aptitude and ability.

2. Many of the problems parents encounter with their children today are as a result of
breakdowns in family communication. Examine the statement.

3. The availability of space for play and physical activity is an important factor for the
healthy development of people. Discuss.

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