Medical Entrance Biology Model Question Papers 2020

Medical Entrance Biology Model Question Papers 2020Medical Entrance Biology Model Question Papers 2020.

Medical Entrance on Biology Model Question Papers 2020 Medical Entrance on Biology Model Sample Question papers Medical Entrance on Biology Model Mock Test Question Paper for 2020 Exam, This Medical Entrance on Biology Model Question are based on the syllabus but here some of the question may out of syllabus, just for your better exam Medical Entrance on Biology Model Exam preparation.

Medical Entrance on Biology 2020 exam Model Paper 2020 will help all the students for their Medical Entrance on Biology Model exam preparation, here the Medical Entrance on Biology Model Sample question 2020 are MCQ i.e multiple choice question answers, if this Medical Entrance on Biology Model question paper 2020 in pdf file format you can download it in FREE, if Medical Entrance on Biology Model Sample Paper 2020 in text format you can download Medical Entrance on Biology Model page also just Go to menu bar, Click on File->then Save.

Medical Entrance Biology Model Question Papers 2020 provides all kind model papers like here Medical Entrance on Biology Model exam Model Paper 2020 you can make your exam preparation much more better by this Medical Entrance on Biology Model Sample Paper 2020 with Answers | Solution also allow you download Medical Entrance on Biology Model Exam Guess Paper with Free of Cost.

Medical Entrance Question Paper Biology (Botany & Zoology)

1. A force which acts against the achievement of highest possible level to population growth is known as
(a) population pressure (b) saturation level
(c) carrying capacity (d) environmental resistance

2. Antibiotic flavicin is obtained from
(a) Aspergillus flavus (b) Aspergillus davatum
(c) Streptomyces grieseus (d) Streptomyces fradiae

3. The crystal of lead zirconate is a key component of
(a) sonography (b) electrocardiography
(c) electroencephalography (d) magnetoencephalography

4. Antifeedant property occurs in
(a) nicotine (b) azadiractin
(c) rotenone (d) cinerin

5. Latest trend in plant disease control is
(a) chemical control (b) biological control
(c) good manure and fertilizer (d) breeding for disease resistance

6. Silk is the secretion of
(a) cephalic glands (b) gastric glands
(c) buccal glands (d) salivary glands

7. Endometrium is the lining of
(a) bladder (b) vagina
(c) uterus (d) oviduct

8. Which animal has gone extinct in recent times in India ?
(a) Acinonyx jubatus (b) Antilope cervicapra
(c) Rhinocerus unicornis (d) Panthera leo

9. What is true about cleavage in the fertilized egg in humans ?
(a) It is meroblastic
(b) It starts while the egg is in fallopian tube
(c) It is identical to normal mitosis
(d) It starts when the egg reaches in uterus

10. ‘Climacteric’ is
(a) a phenomenon related to fruit ripening
(b) the condition of a plant when all its fruits are almost ripe
(c) the condition of a plant when most of its leaves have turned yellow
(d) none of the above

11. Ethylene is a
(a) gaseous hormone (b) gaseous enzyme
(c) liquid-gas mixture (d) solid hormone

12. When the pollen tube enters through the mieropyle, it is termed as
(a) chalazogamy (b) mesogamy
(c) porogamy (d) none of these

13. For self pollination, flower must be
(a) unisexual (b) bisexual
(c) monosexual (d) asexual

14. Which is not a gonadal hormone ?
(a) Progesterone (b) Testosterone
(c) Adrenalin (d) Estrogen

15. Cochlea of mammalian internal ear is concerned with
(a) hearing (b) balance of body posture
(c) both (a) and (b) (d) perception changes of atmospheric pressure

16. The part of an eye which acts like a diaphragm of a photographic camera is
(a) pupil (b) iris
(c) lens (d) cornea

17. The dendrite carries impulses
(a) towards the cyton (b) away from cyton
(c) across the body (d) from one neuron to another

18. Cerebrospinal fluid is present
(a) beneath the pia mater
(b) between piamater and arachnoid
(c) between arachnoid and duramater
(d) between duramater and cranium

19. Cranium is made up of
(a) 8 bones (b) 12 bones
(c) 10 bones (d) 16 bones

20. The function of surfactant is/are
(a) facilitating lung expansion
(b) maintaining the stable size of the alveoli
(c) to reduce the surface tension on the alveoli
(d) all of the above

21. Two chief functions of the leaves are
(a) photosynthesis and respiration (b) photosynthesis and transpiration
(c) transpiration and respiration (d) respiration and digestion

22. The most advanced type of inflorescence is
(a) corymb (b) catkin (c) spadix (d) capitulum

23. Carthamus tinctorius belongs to family
(a) Asteraceae (b) Solanaeeae
(c) Malvaceae (d) Fabaceae

24. The organism in which Kreb’s cycle does not occur in mitochondria is
(a) yeast (b) E.coli (c) Ulothrix (d) mould

25. The plant undergoes wilting when
(a) xylem is blocked (b) cambium is blocked
(c) phloem is blocked (d) some roots are reduced in number

26; Stomata open at night and close during day in
(a) xerophytes (b) gametophytes (c) mesophytes (d) hydrophytes

27. Leucocytes (WBCs) are considered as true cells because
(a) they possess nucleus (b) they do not contain haemoglobin
(c) they show great power of movement (d) they are responsible for phagocytic activity

28. Which of the following cytoplasmic granules contain histamine?
(a) Basophils (b) Acidophils (c) Eosinophils (d) Neutrophils

29. Refractory period of a muscle fibre in mammals is
(a) 0.8001 sec (b) 0.002 sec (c) 0.004 sec (d) 0.005 sec

30. During muscle contraction
(a) size of ‘A’ bands remain same (b) size of ‘H’ zone becomes smaller
(c) size of T band decreases (d) diameter of fibre increases

31. During photosynthesis
(a) both COi and water get oxidized
(b) both C02 and water get reduced
(c) water is reduced and C02 is oxidized
(d) C02 gets reduced and water gets oxidized

32. The order of occurrence of the cytochromes in the Fj particle is
(a) cyt-b, cyt-c, cyt:a – cyt a3 (b) cyt-c, cyt-b, cyt-a – cyt a3
(c) cyt-a, cyt-b, cyt-c – cyt a3 (d) cyt-a3, cyt-a, cyt-c – cyt b

33. Dispersal of fruits in Opium (poppy) occurs through shaking by wind by
(a) explosive mechanism (b) parachute mechanism
(c) censer mechanism (d) jacular mechanism

34. Storage leaves occur in
(a) Allium (b) Zizyphus (c) Triticum (d) Trapa

35. Tube-within-a-tube body plan is fthown by
(a) coelenterates (b)
(c) aschelminthes (neiriathelminthes) (d) porifers

36. True coelom appeared first in the course of evolution in
(a) Aschelminthes (b) Chordata (c) Echinodermata (d) Annelida

37. Which of the following is not found in vertebrates ?
(a) Bilateral symmetry (b) Gill opening
(c) Body scales (d) Cnidoblasts

38. The cell organelles are found in
(a) bacterial cells (b) cyanobacterial cells
(c) prokaryotic cells (d) eukaryotic cells

39. Intracellular compartments are not found in the ceils of
(a) lower plants (b) prokaryotes (c) higher plants (d) eukaryotes

40. Spindle chromosomes have
(a) centriole (b) kinetochore (c) chromocentre (d) chromomere
41. Adrenal gland is derived from
(a) ectoderm (b) mesoderm (c) endoderm (d) both (a) and (b)

42. Which endocrine gland becomes inactive in old age?
(a) Adrenal (b) Pineal (c) Thymus (d) Pituitary

43. The process bv which chloride ions pass into RBC and bicarbonate ions pass out is called
(a) bicarbonate shift (b) Chloride shift
(c) buffer system (d) enzyme shift

44. Squeezing of leucocytes out from the endothelium of capillaries to fight foreign agents is known as
(a) haemolysis (b) diapaedesis (c) phagocytosis (d) rouleaux

45. Which organ is considered as “Graveyard of RBC” where most of them are destroyed by macrophages ?
(a) Red bone marrow (b) Spleen (c) Kidney (d) Intestine

46. When one organism is benefited without ‘affecting the other, it is called
(a) parasitism (b) commensal ism (c) saprophytism (d) symbiosis

47. A branch of science in which forest crop can be grown in desired pattern is
(a) Histology (b) Horticulture (c) Pisiculiure (d) Siliviculture

48. Which of the following factor is biotic ?
(a) Photoperiod (b) C02 content to the soil
(c) Texture and porosity of soil (d) Rainfall

49. The pyramid of energy in a forest ecosystem is
(a) always upright (b) always inverted
(c) both (a) and (b) (d) none of the above

50. Lichens are important in the studies on atmospheric pollution because they
(a) can grow in polluted atmosphere
(b) can readily multiply in polluted atmosphere
(c) efficiently purify the atmosphere
(d) are very sensitive to pollutants like sulphur dioxide

51. 9:3:3:1 ratio is modified to 9 : 7 ratio due to
(a) complementary gene (b) epistatic gene
(c) hypostatic gene (d) supplementary gene

52. The largest quantity of air that can be expired after a maximum inspiratory effort is
(a) residual volume (b) tidal volume
(c) vital capacity of lung (d) lung volume

53. Shifting of ammonotelism to ureotelism is seen in :
(a) fishes (b) frog (c) protopterus (d) snake

54. The amount of liquid filtered by glomeruli of kidney in 24 hours period is
(a) 170 L (b) 100 L (c) 200-250 cc (d) 500-1000 cc

55. The map distance between the genes A and B is 3 units, between B and C is 10 units and between C and A is 7 units. The order of the genes in a linkage map constructed on the above data would perhaps be
(a) A, B, C (b) A, C, B (c) B, C. A (d) B, A, C

56. In the lactose operon of Escherichia coli what is the function of promoter ?
(a) rinding of Gyrase enzyme (b) Binding of RNA polymerase
(c) Codes for RNA polymerase (d) Processing of messenger RNA

57. One of the following is sex-influenced character
(a) Appearance of beard (b) Baldness in male
(c) Docile behaviour of female (d) Low BMR in female

58. Polymerase chain reaction is most useful in
(a) DNA synthesis (b) DNA amplification
(c) protein synthesis (d) amino acid synthesis

59. In mitosis the duplication of chromosomes occurs during
(a) early prophase (b) late prophase
(c) interphase ‘ (d) late telophase

60. Bivalents in meiosis .are
(a) tetrad (b) pairs of non-homologous chromosomes
(c) pairs of several chromatids (d.) pairs of homologous chromosomes

61. Which one of the following is also called halophiles ?
(a) Eubacteria (b) Actinomycetes ‘ ,
(c) Archaebacteria’1 (d) Cyanobacteria

62. Sex factor in bacteria is
(a) F-replicon (b) chromosomal replicon
(c) RNA (d) sex pillies

63. Vascular bundles of roots are
(a) eonjoint (b) concentric (c) bicollateral (d) radial

64. Ectophloic siphonostele is found in
(a) Osmunda and Equisetum (b) Marsilea and Botrychium
(c) Adiantum and Cucurbitaceae(d) Dicksonia and Maiden hair fern

65. Adipocytes are mainly found in
(a) bones (b) cartilages (c) connective tissue’ (d) nerves

66. Arbor-vitae is composed of
(a) grey matter (b) neurogleal cells
(c) white matter (d) all of the the above

67. The main difference between white and yellow fibres is of
(a) protein (b) colour of fibres
(c) both (a) and (b) (d) none of the above

68. Lenticular transpiration takes place in
(a) fruits (b) woody stems (c) leaves (d) all of these’

69. In which of the following process 36 ATP molecules are produced by per hexose molecule ?
(a) Glycolysis (b) Krebs’ cycle
(c) Direct oxidation pathway (d) None of the above

70. The value of RQ at compensation point is
(a) unity (b) infinity (c) >1 (d) zero

71. The vitamin present in Coenzyme is
(a) 83 (b) niacin (c) pyridoxine (d) pantothenic acid

72. Symbiotic bacteria present in intestine of most primates, which synthesize certain vitamins are
(a) Entamoeba histolytica (b) Entamoeba coZi
(c) Entamoeba gingivalis . (d) None of the above

73. In which form C02 is mostly carried by blood ?
(a) Bicarbonates (b) Carbonic acid
(c) Carbamino compound (d) Carboxyhaemoglobin

74. Which artery is absent in frog ?
(a) Right systemic arch ‘ (b) Phrenic artery
(c) Carotid artery (d) Renal artery

75. The number of RBCs in man increases if he lives at a higher altitude, this is because
(a) there is more oxygen at the mountains
(b) there is less oxygen at mountains
(c) more heat is required to be produced in the body for keeping warm
(d) there are no germs in the air in mountain

76. Foramen magnum is situated in
(a) buccal cavity (b) base of skull (c) left auricle (d) vertebrae

77. The genes and splenium in brain are associated with
(a) cerebellum (b) cerebrum (c) medulla oblongata (d) vermis

78. Scala vestibuli is connected with
(a) fenestra rotundus (b) fenestra ovalis
(c) scala tympani (d) scala media

79. The friction between the eyelids and the cornea is avoided by the secretion of
(a) lachrymal glands (b) conjunctiva and eyelids
(c) hardarian glands (d) Meibomian glands

80. Fmbryo sac is
(a) microgametophyte (b) microsporangium
(c) megagametophyte (d) megasporangium
81. Sproutng of potato can be prevented in storage by
(a) maleic hydrazide (b) gibbcrellins
(c) indole acetic acid (d) cytokinins

82. Tendrils exhibit/twining of tendrils is due to
(a) thigmotropism (b) seismonasty
(c) heliotropism (d) diageotropism

83. Flowering dependent on cold treatment is
(a) cryotherapy (b) cryogenics (c) ciyoscopy (d) vernalisation

84. Noncleidoic eggs occur in
(a) birds (b) fish (c) reptiles (d) platypus

85. Human sperm was discovered by
(a) Leeuwenhoek (b) Aristotle (c) Graaf (d) Pander

86. Sunken stomata occur in
(a) xerophytes (b) hydrophytes ‘(c) mesophytes (d) opsanophytes

87. Soil carried by gravity is
(a) alluvial (b) eolian (c) colluvial (d) glacial

88. Metha Jahar which is useful in rheumatism is obtained from
(a) Aconitum r.apcllus (b) Colchicum
(c) Exogonium ‘ (d) Licorice

89. Long fibres of cotton seed are known as
(a) coir (b) fuzz (c) lint Cd) flax

90. The pioneer country in the production of fuel alcohol is
(a) Saudi Arabia (b) Iran, Iraq (c) Brazil (d) Japan

91. Which of the following gland is often referred in relation with AIDS ?
(a) Thyroid (b) Thymus (c) Adrenal (d) Pancreas

92. Ball and socket joints can be seen in
(a) wrist (b) Angers (c) neck (d) shoulders

93. Most simple amino acid is
(a) lysine (b) glycine £c) aspartic acid'(d) nucleic acid

94. What is the correct sequence of thickness of muscles layers in the stomach of human beings ?
(a) Circular —» Oblique —> Longitudinal
(b) Oblique —» Longitudinal —» Circular
(c) Longitudinal —> Circular —> Oblique
`(d) None of the above

95. Blind sac I ody plan is shown by
(a) roundworms (b) annelids (c) coelenterates (d) arthropods

96. The typhlosole in earthworm is related with
(a) excretion (b) absorption (c) respiration (d) reproduction

97. Kaziranga wild life sanctuary is famous for
(a) tiger (b) musk deer (c) elephant (d) rhino

98. The famous ‘Chipko Movement” was started by
(a) Bahu guna (b) Rajeev Gandhi (c) Indira Gandhi (d) SalimAli

99. Nif genes occur in
(a) Rhizobium (b) Aspergillus (c) Penicillium (d) Streptococcus

100. Koch’s postulates are not applicable to
(a) TB (b) leprosy (c) cholera (d) diphtheria

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