C-DAC Latest Interview Question Paper with Answers 2020

C-DAC Latest Interview Question Paper with Answers 2020C-DAC Latest Interview Question Paper with Answers 2020.

CDAC has no test paper,they directly take the Interviews. they have different departments like

Below give some of the interview questions :
1)Tell me briefly about u r BE project?

2)Tell me briefly about u r BE project?

3)What is the role of u in ur project?

4)How much u rank ur self in SDK & C++?
When i told them about SDK like bet 6-7 then they said it is too high for SDK ,so we will ask questions
according to that?

5)What is the function of getMessage Loop?

6)What is DlgProc?

7)What is modal& modless dialogbox?give any practical example of that?which commands r used for

8)Do u know about System Modal?

9)About the TranslateAccerlator?

10)What happens when any keyboard key is pressed?(abt WM_CHAR message)

11)Tell me GDI objects?

12)Abt Dwevice context?

13)Any idea abt Debug & release version?which one size is more & why ?

14)Abt static linking & dyanimic linking?

15)In dyanmic link library,which api is used for load the library?(ans:LoadLibrary)

16)Why Dyanimic link libraries r used over static one?

17)About STL(std. template library)like container,iterator

18)WAP using template for swapping of 2 intgers?

19)Whether if we allocate the memory using ‘new’ & deallocated using ‘free’ then what will happen?

20)Any idea abt MFC?

21)Which dlls r used for SDK?(like krne32.dll,user32.dll,gid32.dll & for what purpose each of them is

below r some of the questions asked to my friends?

1)Abt ADo.NET? Sqldatareader,dataadapter

2)Page caching,output caching?

3)Assembly file structure in .NET?

4)Delegate & event? what isthe diff. bet evevt & delegaTE?

5)WRITE A function pointer?

6)PAGE directive in JSP page?

8)Garbage collector in java?


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