Orissa JEE MCA Entrance Syllabus 2020 Question Pattern

Orissa JEE MCA Entrance Syllabus 2020 Question PatternOrissa JEE MCA Entrance Syllabus 2020 Question Pattern.

Orissa Joint Entrance Exam Orissa JEE MCA Entrance Syllabus 2020 Question Pattern

The Orissa Joint Entrance Examination OJEE is conducted by the State Government of Orissa for admission to the first year Degree courses in Engineering/Technology, MBBS/BDS, Pharmacy, MCA, and MBA etc.

Eligibility Orissa JEE MCA

Candidates with a Bachelor’s degree of minimum 3 years duration in any discipline with Mathematics at the (10+2) or at the Bachelor’s level are eligible to take this MCA Entrance Exam.

All those candidates who are appearing at the Bachelor’s degree examination in respective year and fulfil the aforementioned criteria are also eligible but they will have to furnish the proof of having passed the Bachelor’s degree examination at the time of admission to the respective institutes.



Algebra sets, relations and functions, Summation of series, Progressions (Arithmetic, Geometric and Harmonic), Partial fractions, complex numbers, logarithms.

Differential and Integral Calculus:
Limit-Continuity-Differentiability, Successive differentiation, Leibniz theorem (definition and applications), Mean Value Theorems (Role’s and Lagrange’s definitions), Maxima and Minima, Indefinite and definite integrals, Trapezoidal, Simpson’s rules of integration, Partial differentiation.

Orissa JEE MCA Entrance Syllabus 2020 Question Pattern

Mean, median, mode, moments, mean deviation, standard deviation. Moments, correlation and regression.

Probability, conditional probability, Baye’s theorem, Binomial, Poisson, normal distributions.

Coordinate Geometry:
Distance between two points, section formulae, collinear points, centroid. Translation and rotation of coordinates, plane, perpendicular and parallel conditions, Straight-line (slope, slope-intercept form , intercept form, normal form), parallel lines; perpendicular lines; intersection of two lines; Angle between two lines, line passing through intersection of two lines, foot of perpendicular, circle given center and radius, circle passing through extremities of a diameter, circle passing through three points, great circle.


Sentence Correction and Comprehension

Logical Reasoning


Orissa JEE entrance exam is multiple-choice based entrance exam, with negative marking for wrong answers. The paper comprises of:-

* Mathematics
* English
* Logical Reasoning

Exam Time

This exam is normally held in the month of May every year.

contact details :-

Chairman, JEE – 2010
Orissa; JEE Complex
PO : Khandagiri
Website: http://www.jeeorissa.com

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