EIL Instrumentation Question Paper 2008 Placement Paper of Engineers India Limited

EIL Instrumentation Question Paper 2008 Placement Paper of Engineers India LimitedEIL Instrumentation Question Paper 2008 Placement Paper of Engineers India Limited.

I am from Instrumentation background. I had attended for the Engineers India Limited (EIL) exam on 6th April, 2008 in Bangalore.

The entire test comprises of two sections, they are
1. General Awareness
2. Technical paper
Total 2hrs time for the test.

In whole test paper there is no aptitude questions n one more imp thing is negative marking is there, for every wrong answer 1/4th mark will be deduced. The paper comprises of 150 questions, 50 are General awareness and remaining 100 are technical questions. All are multiple choice questions.

The General Awareness paper is fully comprises of General Knowledge. Candidates those who have sound knowledge in the general knowledge can answer the paper easily. Since I am very poor at GK, I attempted it very poor, Some of the questions which I remembered in them are….

EIL Instrumentation Question Paper 2008 Placement Paper of Engineers India Limited

1. Who was Ramansay award winner in the yr 2006?

2. In the yr 2006 commonwealth games are held in?
a) Melbourne b)Malasia etc

3. Under the chief judge of the supreme court, how may judges are there?
a)28 b)24 c)26 d)32

4. In below names, which musician was deaf?
Some names of the musicians are given

5. Who was the first deputy prime minister of India ?
a) morarji desai b)charan c)s.patel etc

6. Who was the first woman prime minister in the world?
Some names of women prime minsters are given.

7. Who is the writer of Gitanjali?
Ans: Rabindranath Tagore

8. Who said first “Jai Kisan, Jai Javan”?
a)jawaharlal Nehru b)mahatma Gandhi c)Indira Gandhi d) ….

9. Where is the OPEC head office located?
a) Geneva b) Vietnam c)Singapore d)….

10. In which state in India the sun temple located?
a) kerala b)Madhya Pradesh c) orissa d) Andhra pradesh

11 How many spokes are there in the ashoka chakra in Indian flag?
a)24 b)26 c)28 d)22 ans: 24

12. Who was the present secretary for United Nations?

13. Who was the only Indian have the name viceroy during the british rule?
Some names of freedom fighters are given.
14. How much percent of forests are there in India ?
a)22% b)19% c)25% d)30%

15. The term “Roll In” is used in which game?
a)tennis b)golf c)hockey d)…..

16. In which form Government will get the more profit than any other?
a)Direct taxes b)Indirect taxes c)exise tax d)estate taxe

17. Name the fast bowler in cricketer who take the hatrick?
a)kapil dev b) Some names of the cricketers are given.

18. In which year the “Dakshina Gangotri” was established?
a)1982-83 b)1983-84 c)1985-86 d)1991-92

Some more questions are given on current affairs, if u have the habit of reading newspaper then that questions will be easy. These are some questions from general awareness. (50 questions in this section).

Coming to the Technical paper, it will consist of 100 questions. Since I am from instrumentation background, the paper consists of questions from Transducers, Digital Electronics, Telecommunications and Telemetry, Analog Electronics, Electronic Devices and Circuits, Process control, Industrial Instrumentation. But more questions came from Transducers, Process Control, Industrial Instrumentation.

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