EIL Technical Aptitude Question Paper with answer 2009 Placement Paper

EIL Technical Aptitude Question Paper with answer 2009 Placement PaperEIL Technical Aptitude Question Paper with answer 2009 Placement Paper.

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1. Distribution transformers are connected in configuration-
a. Star/delta b. delta/star c. star/star d. delta/delta

2. In radial system, power is fed from-
a. From one end b. from two ends c.centre d. none

3. What is capacitance grading-

4. What is voltage regulation-

5. Stinging chart is used for

6. For an existing transmission line, the string efficiency is 80%. Now if for same set up, dc is supplied, what will be the string efficiency-
a.80% b.more than 80% c. less than 80% d. 100%

7. skin effect depends on frequency-
a.directly proportional b. inversely proportional c.square of frequency d. none

8. coefficient of reflection of an open ended line is-
a. 1 b. -1 c.0 d. none

9. the power loss in an overloaded line is mainly due to-
a. resistance b. capacitance d. inductance d. none

10.voltage at generation stage is usually-
a.11kv b.33kv c.66kv d.220kv

11.HRC fuses provides best protection against-
a. short circuits b. lightning c. sparking d. fire

12. resistance switching is used in case of-
a. air blast CB b. bulk oil CB c. minimum oil CB d. all types of CB

13. compared to ac, in dc corona loss is-

14.corona effect is more prominent in weather conditions-

15.in force voltage analogy mass is analogus to-
a. R b. L c. C d. current

16.phase margin of the system is used to-
a. relative stability
b. absolute stabilty
c. time response
d. frequency response

17.wattmeter measures-
a. volt ampere
b. volt ampere reactive
c. apperent power
d. true power

18.inductance is measured by-
a. wein bridge
b. sechiring bridge
c. maxwell bridge
d. hay bridge

19.form factor in ac means the ratio of-
a. peak to avg. value b.peak to rms value c. rms to avg. value d. rms to peak value

20.in a single phase converter, the no. of SCR conducting during overlap
a.1 b.2 c. 3 d. 4

21.in a three-phase full converter, output voltage pulsates at frequency of
a. f b. 2f c. 3f d. 6f

22.in a three-phase full converter, every SCR conducts for-
a.60deg. b. 120deg. C.180deg. d.90deg

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