SSC Constable General Knowledge Question Paper 2020 Sample Model Paper

SSC Constable General Knowledge Question Paper 2020 Sample Model PaperSSC Constable General Knowledge Question Paper 2020 Sample Model Paper.

SSC Constable English Question Paper 2020 Sample Model Paper SSC Constable General Knowledge Question Paper 2020 Sample Model Paper General Knowledge and General Awareness

26. Which government income is included in revenue budget ?
(A) Tax-revenue (B) Non-tax-revenue
(C) Both of above (D) None of the above
27. The tomb of Babur is at
(A) Kabul (B) Lahore
(C) Multan (D) Larkhana
28. The Gandhara school of Art was influenced most by the
(A) Greeks
(B) Shakas
(C) persians
(D) Kushans
29. The moon is showing its same face to the earth because
(A) It is not rotating about its own axis
(B) Its rotation and revolution are opposite
(C) Its periods of rotation and revolution are the same
(D) Its rotation is faster than its revolution
30. Devaluation of currency leads to
(A) expansion of export trade
(B) contraction of import trade
(C) expansion of import substitution
(D) All of the above
31. Teak and Sal are the principal trees in the forests known as
(A) Dry deciduous
(B) Dry evergreen
(C) Tropical moist deciduous
(D) Tropical moist evergreen
32. Open market operations of RBI refer to buying and selling of
(A) Commercial bills
(B) Foreign exchange
(C) Gold
(D) Government bonds
33. Which one of the following pairs of seas does the Suez Canal connect?
(A) Indian Ocean – Pacific Ocean
(B) Mediterranean Sea- Black Sea
(C) Mediterranean Sea – Red Sea
(D) Atlantic Ocean – Pacific Ocean
34. The joint session of the two houses is presided by
(A) the speaker
(B) the president
(C) chairman of Rajyasabha
(D) none of these
35. Odissi is the dance style of:
(A) Madhya Pradesh
(B) Andra Pradesh
(C) Haryana
(D) Orissa
36. Who invented the telephone:
(A) Newton
(B) J.L.Baird
(C) Alexander Graham Bell
(D) Thomas Edison
37. In S.H.G. (Self Help Group) most of the decisions regarding savings and loan activities are taken by
(A) Members (B) Government
(C) Bank (D) NGO
38. Which of the following country has more than 55,000 lakes?
(A) Poland (B) Denmark
(C) Finland (D) Norway
39. The Kiel Canal links the ?
(A) Mediterranean Sea and Black Sea
(B) Pacific Ocean and Atlantic Ocean
(C) North Sea and Baltic Sea
(D) Mediterranean Sea and Red Sea
40. The National Institute for Agricultural Marketing is located at
(A) Jaipur (B) New Delhi
(C) Nagpur (D) Hyderabad
41. Per capita income is obtained by dividing National Income by
(A) Total population of the country
(B) Total working population
(C) Area of the country
(D) Volume of capital used
42. Sikkim became a full fledged state of the Indian Union, in the year ?
(A) 1972 (B) 1973
(C) 1974 (D) 1975
43. Who is the founder of Mahabalipuram ?
(A) Rajaraja Chola
(B) Mahendra Varman
(C) Narsimha Varman
(D) Narsimha Chola
44. Which of the following is not a bone in the
human body?
(A) Sternum (B) Humerus
(C) Pericardium (D) Tibia
45. Rennin and lactase, the enzymes required to digest milk, disappear in the human body by the age of
(A) two (B) three
(C) five (D) eight
46. Eden Garden (Kolkata) is associated with
(A) Basket Ball (B) Football
(C) Cricket (D) Hockey
47. Which one of the following states of India records the highest sex ratio ?
(A) Kerala (B) Karnataka
(C) Meghalaya (D) Tamilnadu
48. Government is going to merge Annapurna Scheme with
(A) Mid Day Meal Scheme
(B) National Old Age Pension Scheme
(C) National Food for Work Programme
(D) Antyodaya Anna Yojana
49. When was the first National Forest Policy issued by the Government of India ?
(A) 1952 (B) 1940
(C) 1942 (D) 1999
50. What is the maximum Water Vapour content in the atmosphere ?
(A) 2 to 3 percent (B) 3 to 4 percent
(C) 4 to 5 percent (D) 5 to 6 percent
25. C 26. C 27. A 28. A 29. C 30. D 31. C 32. D 33. C 34. A 35. D 36. C 37. D 38. C 39. C 40. A 41. A 42. D 43. C 44. C 45. A 46. C 47. A 48. B 49. A 50. B

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