UPPCL Technical Question Paper 2020 Placement paper of UPPCL Technical

UPPCL Technical Question Paper 2020 Placement paper of UPPCL TechnicalUPPCL Technical Question Paper 2020 Placement paper of UPPCL Technical.

% resolution of a 10 bit ADC.

To obtain 10 mV resolution on 5 V range how many bit DAC is to be used..

Why is LCD preferred to LED.

How will 0.6973 be displayed on 10 V range of a 4 ½ digit multimeter.

Which of the following cannot be used for an automatic feedback temp ctrl
system thermocouple/thermometer/thermistor/IC sensor.

Y(n)=X(-n+3) is an example of a linear/non linear and shift variant/invariant

The falling body method is used to determine viscosity/humidity/….

Which of these methods of viscosity measurement gives greatest accuracy falling
body method/rotating cylinder method/both/…

Some question on gas chromatography

A device having a rotor with 3 Y-connected coils and a stator is likely to be a
synchro/RVDT/control transformer/…

In a twisted ring counter the initial count is 1000. after the 4th clock pulse its
state will be….

A 240 kHz signal is given into a 3 bit binary ripple counter. The lowest o/p freq
obtainable is….

For parity bit checking which of the following gates can be used

Why is a BJT called so..

Identify the expression for gauge factor of a strain gauge among the given

In a semiconductor strain gauge as tensile strain is applied what changes take
place in the n and p areas..

How does a radioactive level gauging system work…

A capacitive transducer measuring level works on the principle of change in
distance between plates/change in dielectric strength/…

For maximum power transfer in an AC circuit the condition to be satisfied is
ZL+ZS=0/XL+XS=0/none of these/….where l and s refers to load and source

Find the transfer function from a block diagram.

Synchronous ctrs are preferred to asynchronous ctrs bcoz they are
faster/glitches at the output can be avoided/both/none of these.

The lissajous figure formed on an oscilloscope looks like the English figure of 8. if
the vertical channel input is 1 kHz the horizontal input freq is….

IE=IC for a transistor in saturation/cutoff/active/both saturation and active

Reproducibility of measurements is called accuracy/precision/linearity/none of

Which of these is not strictly a static characteristic

The shunt coil in a Q meter has resistance of the order of m?/?/k?/..

For measuring inductance of high Q coils the bridge used is Maxwellwien/

Which of these measures inductance in terms of capacitance Maxwell and
hay/Maxwell and Schering/hay and Schering/…

In a flip-flop with preset and clear inputs both are applied simultaneously/clear is
cleared when preset is applied/preset is cleared when clear is applied/….

What happens when the RET instruction is encountered by 8085

A 1024*8 memory chip needs how many address lines…

What happens when the PUSH instruction is encountered by 8051.

In FM relation between no of sidebands w.r.t. modulating freq

Numerical on DPSK.

A multiplexer accepts input data and provides one output all the time/one output
at a time/many outputs at a time/many outputs all the time.

Pulse modulation is essentially a process of multiplexing/….

Wave shape is altered by clipper/clamper/voltage doubler/amplifier.

4 signals of frequencies 100,100,200 and 400 Hz are sampled at nyquist rate
and sent through TDM on a channel.the bandwidth of the channel is…

Superposition can be applied to a ckt with initial conditions/non-linear ckt/…

Kelvin’s double bridge is used for the measurement of…

Which of these is not an active transducer thermocouple/solar cell/RTD/none of

Oscillator using positive feedback has gain of 0/?/undefined value/…

When bridge oscillator should initially have closed loop gain >3/dual cycle>diesel cycle)

42. When a 1000 K body comes in contact with atmosphere at 300K a loss of 9000
KJ heat is transferred. The net available energy transferred is_

43. When entropy of a system increases_?
(unavailable energy increases )

44. Rolling is a process widely used for_?
(I section,tubes)

45. Tool nomenclature_?

46. In francis turbine movement of steam?

47. For low power consumption _?
(rake angle should be increased / decreased, nose angle increased/ decreased)

47. Continuous chips occur in_?
(High speeds,low speeds,both,none)

48. Primary forces in a reciprocating engine_?
(fully balanced, partially balanced, completely unbalanced, none)

49. In proximate analysis pyrogallol is used for analysis of which element_?

50. Sulphur content in fuel greatly affects_?

51. Heat transfer through radiation can be increased by_?
(decreasing emissivity and increases temperature of hot body)

52. which theory of failure clearly explains the failure in case of ductile material?
(Maximun shear stress theory or Guests or trescas theory)

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