COMEDK Question Paper 2007 Answers for Medical Engineering and Dental

COMEDK Question Paper 2007 Answers for Medical Engineering and DentalCOMEDK Question Paper 2007 for Medical Engineering and Dental.

COMEDK UGET 2007 Question Paper , This COMEDK UGET 2007 Question will help all the
students for their exam preparation, here the question type is MCQ i.e multiple choice question answers, if this COMEDK UGET 2007 question paper in pdf file for COMEDK UGET you can download it in FREE, if COMEDK UGET 2007 paper in text for COMEDK UGET you can download COMEDK UGET 2007 page also just Go to menu bar, Click on File->then Save.

COMEDK UGET 2012 Paper will having
Physics, Chemistry, Biology (for Medical, dental) and Maths (only for Engineering)

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 Molarity phoric acid solution is 3M. It’s normality is —
1) 1 2) 3N.
3) O.3N 4) 9N

Acidified sodium fu t on addition of ferric chloride solution gives blood red colouration which confi the presence of
1)S 2)N
3) NandS 4) SandCl

in the periodic table metals usually used as catalysts belong to 

1) s – block 2) p – block
V 3) d – block 4) f- block

 In acetylene molecule, between the carbon atoms there are —
1) three sigma bonds \ )2) two sigma and one pi bonds
3) one sigma and two pi bonds • . three pi bonds

The electro magnetic theory of light failed to explain
1) Interference 2) Diffraction
3) Polarisation 4) Photo electric effect

Current in a coil changes from 4 A to zero in 0.1 second and the emfi.The self inductance of the coil is

1) 4H 2) 2.5H
3) 0.4 H 4) 0.25 H

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