JAM Question Paper 2008 GG (Geology)

JAM Question Paper 2008 GG (Geology)JAM Question Paper 2008 GG (Geology).

Joint Admission Test (JAM) This JAM GG – Geology 2008 examination is the procedure to get the Admission to Integrated Ph.D. Programmes at Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore and M.Sc. (Two Year), Joint M.Sc.-Ph.D., M.Sc.-Ph.D. Dual Degree and other Post-Bachelor’s Degree Programmes at Indian Institutes of Technology

JAM GG – Geology 2008 Question Paper test papers will be fully objective type.  This JAM GG – Geology 2008 Question will help all the students for their exam preparation, here the question type is MCQ i.e multiple choice question answers, if this JAM GG – Geology 2008 question paper in pdf file for IIT JAM GG – Geology you can download it in FREE, if Joint Entrance Examination (JAM) 2008 paper in text for JAM you can download JAM 2008 page also just Go to menu bar, Click on File->then Save.

JAM Question Paper 2008 GG (Geology)

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 The structures of myoglobin and hemoglobin are
(A) Quaternary (B) Quatemary and tertiary, respectively
(C) Tertiary and quatemary, respectively (D) Molten globule

The chromatographic technique for determination of the native molecular weight of proteins is
(A) Gel permeation (B) Ion exchange
(C) Hydrophobic interaction (D) Chromatofocusing

The affinity of an enzyme to the substrate is indicated by
(A)pKa (B)K. (C)K0 (D)Kn,

Which one of the following compounds is optically INACTIVE?
(A)Ala (B)Cys (C)Giy (D)Lys

In 0-linked glycoproteins, the glycan part is linked to the polypeptide. The amino acid residues involved in this linkage are
(A) Ser and Thr (B) GIn and Tyr (C) Tyr and Thr (D) Asn and Tyr
The cofactor(s) required for the nitrogenase enzyme complex involved in N2 fixation is/are
(A) Fe and Mo (B) Fe (C) Fe and S (D) Fe, S and Mo

 The anticlerical (filling up) reaction to replenish citric acid cycle is
(A) decarboxylation of isocitrate to cz-ketoglutarate.
(B) decarboxylation of c.z-ketoglutarate to succinyl CoA.
(C) carboxylation of phosphoenolpyruvate to oxaloacetate.
(D) conversion of malate to oxaloacetate.

Which one of the following is NOT a neurotransmitter?
(A) Glutamine (B) Glutamate (C) Glycine (D) Acetyicholine

Which one of the following is NOT an energy-rich compound?
(A) Phosphoenolpyruvate (B) Glucose 1 ,6-bisphosphate
(C) Acetyl phosphate (D) Phosphoarginine

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