LIC ADO Interview Question with solution 2020

LIC ADO Interview Question with solution 2020LIC ADO Interview Question with solution 2020.

1 What do you know about Life Insurance ?

(A) Life insurance is a contract that pledges payment of an amount to the person assured (or his nominee) on the happening of the event insured against.

The contract is valid for payment of the insured amount during:

* The date of maturity, or
* Specified dates at periodic intervals, or
* Unfortunate death, if it occurs earlier.

Among other things, the contract also provides for the payment of premium periodically to the Corporation by the policyholder. Life insurance is universally acknowledged to be an institution, which eliminates ‘risk’, substituting certainty for uncertainty and comes to the timely aid of the family in the unfortunate event of death of the breadwinner.

LIC ADO Interview Question with solution 2020

By and large, life insurance is civilisation’s partial solution to the problems caused by death. Life insurance, in short, is concerned with two hazards that stand across the life-path of every person:

1. That of dying prematurely leaving a dependent family to fend for itself.
2. That of living till old age without visible means of support.

2 Do you explain who can buy a Policy ?

Any person who has attained majority and is eligible to enter into a valid contract can insure himself/herself and those in whom he/she has insurable interest.
Policies can also be taken, subject to certain conditions, on the life of one’s spouse or children. While underwriting proposals, certain factors such as the policyholder’s state of health, the proponent’s income and other relevant factors are considered by the Corporation.

3 Where is Corporate Office/Head Quarter of LIC located ?

(A) Mumbai

4 Can you tell some of the Objectives of LIC ?


* Spread and provide life insurance to the masses at a reasonable cost.

* Spread Life Insurance widely and in particular to the rural areas and to the socially and economically backward classes with a view to reaching all insurable persons in the country and providing them adequate financial cover against death at a reasonable cost.

* Maximize mobilization of people’s savings by making insurance-linked savings adequately attractive.

* Bear in mind, in the investment of funds, the primary obligation to its policyholders, whose money it holds in trust, without losing sight of the interest of the community as a whole; the funds to be deployed to the best advantage of the investors as well as the community as a whole, keeping in view national priorities and obligations of attractive return.

* Conduct business with utmost economy and with the full realization that the moneys belong to the policyholders.

* Act as trustees of the insured public in their individual and collective capacities.

* Meet the various life insurance needs of the community that would arise in the changing social and economic environment.

* Involve all people working in the Corporation to the best of their capability in furthering the interests of the insured public by providing efficient service with courtesy.

* Promote amongst all agents and employees of the Corporation a sense of participation, pride and job satisfaction through discharge of their duties with dedication towards achievement of Corporate Objective.

5 When was the LIC of India came into existence ?

(A) 1956

6 Tell us about yourself ? 7 What is your perception Development Officer as a Career ?
8 How do you differentiate between Marketing and Sales ? 9 Introduce yourself ? 10 How is your field experience useful in performing this job ? 11 Tell us your educational qualifications ?

12 How these qualifications are helpful to you in discharging the duties of Development Officer ? 13 What do you know about Development Officer job ?

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