MAHAGENCO Welfare Officer Asst. Welfare Officer Syllabus 2020

MAHAGENCO Welfare Officer Asst. Welfare Officer Syllabus 2020MAHAGENCO Welfare Officer Asst. Welfare Officer Syllabus 2020.

Post Name-Welfare Officer / Asst. Welfare Officer

Domain Required-Industrial Relations


Economy and the labor force in India

Approaches to IR

IR in comparative framework

Management and employer’s organization

Trade Union- foundations, legal framework and structures

Management of Trade Unions in India

Collective bargaining

The role of govt. in IR

The contract of employment

Public policies and Wage & Reward system

Working conditions, safety, health and environment

Dispute resolution and industrial harmony

Labor administration

Social security

Issues in labor policy and labor law reform

Employee participation and Labor-Management co-operation

Grievance and discipline handling

Employment security and management of redundancies

Management of IR

Human Resource Management and IR

Labor statistics, labor research and worker education

ILO, India and International labor standard

Labor legislation

Introductory information about power plant

Role of IRO in industries (power)


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