NTPC General Aptitude Question Papers 2007 free pdf paper

NTPC General Aptitude Question Papers 2007 free pdf paperNTPC General Aptitude Question Papers 2007 free pdf paper.

First 120 question on technical and 50 questions on general aptitude.

1/3 negative marks for all the questions.
2 hours exam.(No calculator allowed)
Question paper along with the key sheet should be handed over to the
invigilator after the end of exam.

About the Technical:

questions about diac,triac,buck effect etc.

Control systems,synchros,all basics and theoretical

Computer Networks

(abt CSMA/CD,bridges,routers,Ieee standards like 802.3,etc.(abt ethernet))
VLSI (CMOS structure, functioning,)

Digital Electronic

(gates,negative logic,postive logic,nand,counters,etc.)
Sample question:write a particular number in BCD,or hex equivalent etc.)
cominational circuit design(no of gates required etc.)

led bias,tunnel diode bias,fet,bjt,feedback amplifier
properties,optoelectronic devices,class c amplifiers,multivibrators,band gaps
in Si,Ge.,intrinsic concentration etc.

abt ozone layer depletion (CFCs)
The total efficeincy of a thermal plant.

Amplitude modulation,FM Vs. AM.

Antennas :
Director,reflector in yagi uda,microwave frequency ranges,bands,
ground wave,sky wave,space wave propagation.In which media em waves travel

Microprocessor 8085,interrupt structure,architecture,memories,mapping
schemes,8255,interrupt controller(8259)(ICW1,OCW etc.)
hard disk,floppy disk access times

Management science
abc analysis(inventory management)

Signals systems:
fourier transfor,sinc functions,convolution

Network theory:
resonant frequency formula

a/d d/a converters,differentiators and integrators,instrumentation
digital communications:

fdm, tdm
I almost covered 95% of the topics.This is as far as I could remember.

About aptitude:
comprehension passages
aptitude problem solving skills(train probs,loss profit sums,ratios,etc.)
word analogies
fill in the sentences with the most suitable word type of questions.