ONGC Aptitude (Technical) Question Paper 2020 Free Paper

ONGC Aptitude (Technical) Question Paper 2020 Free PaperONGC Aptitude (Technical) Question Paper 2020 Free Paper.

The paper has two sections
1. General knowledge.
2. Technical knowledge.

As I was from Industrial Engg I prepared only my subjects like operations research, quality engg, work measurement etc.. I got very few questions from these areas. The rest of the questions were from fluid mechanics and engineering materials.

Q. Alumina is the ore of…..?
a. Magnesium.
b. Aluminium.
c. Copper.
d. none.

And the major part of the questions were from Electrical engg. Almost more than 40% of the technical paper was from electrical engg syllabus. The questions were basics like what is the purpose of an induction motor, what is the diff between a transformer and a rectifier… etc.

The questions in this section were mainly from Macroeconomics (GDP, Literacy %, Economic policies) and Governance in India before independence (for example who was lord mountboton, lord wellesley, Dullhousy etc.)

Some (1or 2) of them are from biology too.

Q. What is the remarkable thing happened in the year 1919 in the context of independence fight.
a. Dandi aandolan.
b. Jalian walla baagh tragedy.
c. Quit india tragedy.
d. None.

Q. Who was the first president of Indian Muslim league?
a. Khan abdul gaffar khan.
b. Abdul razzaq.
c. Mohammad ali jinnah.
d. Aga khan 3.


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