ONGC Electronics Technical Question Papers 2008 free Download

ONGC Electronics Technical Question Papers 2008 free DownloadONGC Electronics Technical Question Papers 2008 free Download.

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1. Which of the foll instrument can be used for both ac & dc?

2. Which instrument is used to measure losses?

3. Sums on power gain

4. Sums on networks

5. If no. of turns of inductance doubles, then its value?

6. Sums on directivity

7. The distance between dipole & reflector is?

8. The basic parameters of transmission line are?

9. Sums on IF

10. How many lines are there in television?

11. Punch card has how many rows & columns?

12. In a transistor which region is heavily doped?

13. Sums on DD

14. In CRO, which button is used to lessen the magnitude of beam current?

3 ques 5 marks each.

1. numerical on viscosity measurement

2. numerical on efiiciency of Class B ampliifier

3. CE configuration with voltage divider bias is shown. No resistance values given. Capacitors are connected in input and RE resistor. now u have to find out o/p voltage/

2 questions of 10 marks

1. problem of control System calculation of rise time, peak time, overshoot. (calculator is not allowed in exam)

2. problem of convolution in DSP.

1. WLAN concept

2. CDMA concept

1. How should India conserve energy?

2. If you get selected in ONGC, what steps will you take to conserve energy?


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