GATE Biotechnology Question Paper 2005 with Answers

GATE Biotechnology Question Paper 2005 with AnswersGATE Biotechnology Question Paper 2005 with Answers.

GATE BT  i.e. Biotechnology Question Paper, This GATE Biotechnology 2005 Question will help all the students for their exam preparation, here the question type is MCQ i.e multiple choice question answers, if this GATE Biotechnology 2005 question paper in pdf file for GATE Biotechnology you can download it in, if GATE Biotechnology 2005 paper in text for GATE Biotechnology you can download GATE Biotechnology 2005 page also just Go to menu bar, Click on File->then Save.

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GATE Biotechnology Question Paper 2005 with Answers

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 In balanced growth phase ol a cell
P. all components of a cell grow at the same rate
Q. specific growth determined by cell number or cell mass would be the same
R. the growth rate is independent of substrate concentration
S. the growth rate decreases with decreasing substrate concentration
(A) P, Q and S only (B) Q, R and S only
(C)P,Q and R only (D) P only

In N-linked glycosylation, the oligosaccharide chain is attached to protein by
(A) asparagine (B) arginine
(C) serine (D) threonine

Restriction endonucleases which recognize and cut same recognition sequences are known as
(A) isoschizomers (B) isozymes
(C) isoaccepting endonucleases (D) abzymes

Substrate consumption in lag phase of microbial growth is primarily used for
P. turn over of the cell material
Q. maintenance of intracellular p1-I
R. motility

S. increase in cell number
(A)P,QandSonly (B)QRandSonly
(C) P. Q and R only (D) S only

 The study of evolutionary relationships is known as
(A) genomics (B) proteomics
(C) phylogenetics (D) genetics

The Iipopolysaccharides present in bacterial cell wall has lipid A which is connected to
(A) O-polysaccharide
(B) core polysaccharide
(C) both with O-polysaccharide and core polysaccharide
(D) rhamnose-mannose disaccharide

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