GATE PI Question Paper 2011

GATE PI Question Paper 2011GATE PI Question Paper 2011.

GATE i.e. Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering Production and Industrial Engineering 2011 Exam Has been Conducted by IISc Bangalore IIT Bombay IIT Delhi IIT Guwahati IIT Kanpur IIT Kharagpur IIT Madras IIT Roorkee. This GATE PI 2011 examination is the procedure to get the admission in M.Tech

GATE Production and Industrial Engineering i.e. PI Question Paper, This GATE PI 2011 Question will help all the students for their exam preparation, here the question type is MCQ i.e multiple choice question answers, if this GATE PI 2011 question paper in pdf file for GATE PI you can download it in FRPI, if GATE Production and Industrial Engineering 2011 paper in text for GATE PI you can download GATE PI 2011 page also just Go to menu bar, Click on File->then Save.

GATE PI Question Paper 2011

GATE PI 2011 Question paper Free Download PDF is available in which has been provided by many students this GATE Production and Industrial Engineering 2011 paper is available for all the students in FRPI and also GATE PI 2011 question paper fully solved i.e with answer keys and solution.

You can get daily updates on GATE PI 2011 from here  you can also check similar links for other related study materials on  GATE Production and Industrial Engineering exam. Here GATE PI 2011 question is also available in English.

Q.5 It is estimacd that the average ‘lumber of events during a year is three. Whal is the probability of occurrence of not more than two cvents over a Iwo-year duration? Assume that the number of events follows a Poisson distribution.
(A) 0052 (B) 0.062 (C) 0.072 (D) 0.082

Q.8 An ideal air standard Diesel cycle does NOT contain the following process:
(A) constant volume heat addition (B) constant vohune heat rejection
(C) isentropic compression (D) isentropic expansion

Q.9 Which of the following is a surface (two-dimensional) imperfection in the crystal structure of common metals?
(A) Vacancy (B) Dislocation (C) Grain boundary (D) Inclusion

Q.1O In sand casting fluidity of the molten metal increases with
(A) increase in degree of superheat
(B) decrease in pouring rate
(C) increase in thermal conductivity of the mould
(D) increase in sand grain size

Q.11 Which of the following casting processes uses expendable pattern and expendable mould?
(A) Shell mould casting (B) Investment casting
(C) Pressure die casting (D) Centrifugal casting

Q.12 Which of the following welding processes results iii the smallest heat affected zone?
(A) Shielded metal arc welding (B) Gas welding
(C) Laser beam welding (D) Thermit welding

Q. 13 In resistance seam welding, the electrode is in the form of a
(A) cylinder (B) flat plate (C) coil of wire (D) circular disc

Q.14 Which of the following powder production methods produces spongy and porous particles?
(A) Atomization (B) Reduction of metal oxides
(C) Electrolytic deposition (D) Pulverization

Q.15 The binding material used in cemented carbide cutting tools is
(A) graphite (B) tungsten (C) nickel (D) cobalt


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