Goa University M.Sc. Biotechnology Entrance 2020

Goa University M.Sc. Biotechnology Entrance 2020Goa University M.Sc. Biotechnology Entrance 2020.

Goa University M.Sc. Biotechnology Entrance 2020 Goa University M.Sc. Biotechnology Entrance 2020 M.Sc. Biotechnology Entrance Examination Paper Syllabus Question Pattern Eligibility Exam Date Fees Exam Center Reference Books Time Table Admission 2020 Selection Procedure

Students admitted to the programme are eligible for the award of M.Sc. degree Marine Biotechnology on successful completion of the course.

In addition to the M.Sc. programme, the Department of Biotechnology also runs a Ph.D. Programme in Biotechnology. All full time students admitted to this Department are assured of hostel accommodation on campus.

The Department is being funded by the DBT from the time of its inception in 1988 and since 2008 has the added distinction of being DST-FIST sponsored.

The courses offered for the M.Sc. programme are covered in 4 semesters and approx 85% of the syllabus fits in with the DBT model curriculum for M.Sc. General Biotechnology. Goa University follows a Choice Based Credit system (CBCS). In the first two semesters emphasis is given on teaching physicochemical aspects of Biology and include Fundamentals of General and Marine Microbiology, Concepts in Biochemistry, Principles of Genetics & Molecular Biology, Introductory
Immunology, The Marine Ecosystem, Cell & Developmental Biology, Biophysics, Bioinformatics & Biostatistics, Tissue Culture Technology. In the later two semesters, specialized courses on Principles of Oceanography, Bioprocess Technology & Industrial Biotechnology, Enzymology, Recombinant DNA Technology, Potentials of Marine Biotechnology, Mariculture,
Applications of Genetic Engineering, Biosafety & IPR, Molecular Immunology, Genomics & Proteomics are offered.

Separate laboratory courses in each subject enable every student to get hands – on experience with all the equipments. The well equipped laboratories of the Department enable the students to take up independent research topics/ projects during the third and fourth semesters, as an integral part of the curriculum.

Goa University M.Sc. Biotechnology Entrance 2016

The thrust areas of research in the Department are: drugs and bioactive compounds from the sea; extremophilic (thermophilic/hypersaline/deep-sea/anoxic) microorganisms: biodegradation of oil using micro-organisms risk assessment of genetically engineered organisms; isolation and characterization of enzymes of biotechnological importance from marine organisms; RAPD studies in seaweeds; biological productivity characteristic in the northern Indian Ocean; biodiversity and enzymes

Summer training (4-6 weeks) is mandatory at the end of the second semester and the students are placed in R&D laboratories of nationally recognized institutes and industries.

Almost 90% of our postgraduate students qualify for the CSIR/UGC fellowship and some of them secure a very high ranking at the GATE examination. This is in addition to their achievements at the DBT and ICMR fellowship examinations.

The placement profile of each outgoing batch has also been excellent, with the students successfully gaining positions in nationally as well as internationally renowned institutions.
The University has close interaction with the National Institute of Oceanography, Goa, for both teaching as well as research.

Fees to be paid at time of Admission: Annual fees Rs.14000.00 plus Rs.12000-15000 per semester towards Hostel and Mess charges (these amounts are inclusive of refundable caution deposits totaling Rs.4500/-).

Contact Address: Dr. S C Ghadi,
Head & Coordinator
Department of Biotechnology,
Sub Post Office, Goa Universtiy
Taleigao Plateau,
Goa – 403206
Phone No. : 0832-6519091
Fax No. : 0832-2451184
E-mail : sgadhi@gmail.com
Website : http://www.unigoa.ac.in

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