UPSC CSAT Model Papers 2020

UPSC CSAT Model Papers 2020.

UPSC Civil Services Aptitude Test (CSAT) 2020 For UPSC CSAT Model Question Papers 2020 UPSC CSAT Model Sample Question papers UPSC CSAT Model Mock Test Question Paper for 2020 Exam, This UPSC CSAT Model Question are based on the syllabus but here some of the question may out of syllabus, just for your better exam UPSC CSAT Model Exam preparation.

UPSC Civil Services Aptitude Test (CSAT) 2020 exam Model Paper 2020 will help all the students for their UPSC CSAT Model exam preparation, here the UPSC CSAT Model Sample question 2020 are MCQ i.e multiple choice question answers, if this UPSC CSAT Model question paper 2020 in pdf file format you can download it in FREE, if UPSC CSAT Model Sample Paper 2020 in text format you can download UPSC CSAT Model page also just Go to menu bar, Click on File->then Save. provides all kind model papers like here UPSC CSAT Model exam Model Paper 2020 you can make your exam preparation much more better by this UPSC CSAT Model Sample Paper 2020 with Answers | Solution also allow you download UPSC CSAT Model Exam Guess Paper with Free of Cost.

 UPSC CSAT Model Papers 2020

English Language Comprehension Skills

Directions (Q. 01-10): Read the given par graphs carefully and answer the questions which follow each of these.
Directions (Q. 01-02): We are living in the midst of a great chemical experiment, and some serious consequences are becoming apparent to scientists. More than two billion pounds of chemicals are spewed into the air each year which are brewing a disastrous stew. The greatest consequences of the atmosphere crisis may be global warming and the ozone depletion. The Earth appears to be warming due to greenhouse effect. Scientists estimate that average temperature could climb about 2 degrees Celsius in 20 years. Global warming is the predicted result of the greenhouse effect, created by the greenhouse gases, such as carbon dioxide and methance, in the atmosphere. This change in the global climate would have disastrous results, including drought, coastal flooding and increased species extinction. Also, the scientists have discovered a hole in the ozone layer. The ozone layer is the only protection for life on Earth against deadly ulatraviolet radiation from the sun. Once the ozone layer is completely destroyed, all life on Earth will cease exist, killed by the deadly readiation. The planet will become a barren rock deviod of all life. And when this happens the process for industrialistion would have to take the blame which has resulted in increased use of fossil fuels such as coal, petroleum and diesel.
01. Which of the following can be inferred from the given passage ?
(A The use of all chemical products should be immediately stopped.
(B) Scientists will have a hard time to esitmate the rate of change of temperature in the years to come due to enormous changes in environment.
(C) The environmental disaster in the future will happen as a result of increased usage of fossil fuels.
(a) Only A
(b) Only C
(c) Both A and C
(d) Both B and C
(e) None of these

02. Which of the following best explains the usage of the phrase ‘brewing a disastrous stew’?
(a) The continuous rise in Earth’s temperature has proved to be very dangerous.
(b) Lack of efforts to curb the greenhouse effects would degrade the environment in the near future.
(c) The harmful ultraviolet readiations are slowly destroying the life on Earth.
(d) The fraternity of scientists has been opposing the process of industrialistion.
(e) The increased discharge of chemicals in the air is resulting in a atmosphere crisis.

Directions (Q. 03-04): Fashion has become one of the largest fads among the youth. The amount of time wastage and expenditure on fashion is very large. What bothers, however, is the fact that fashion is here to stay despite countles arguments against it. What is required, therefore, is that strong efforts should be made in order to displace the excessive craze of fashion from the minds of today’s youth.
03. Which of the following statements finds the least support by the argument made by the author in the given paragraph ?
(a) Youngsters should be motivated to do constructive business rather than wasting time on fashion.
(b) The world of fashion being glamorous and glittery attracts people towards itself.
(c) Following the latest fashion increases the self-efficacy people, thus increasing their overall mental abilites.
(d) Many universities have implemented a dresscode to put a check on the increasing fad amongst the youth which was affecting their grades.
(e) None of these

04. Which of the following can be inferred from the given paragraph ?
(a) The author has made strong efforts to wipe-out fashion from the minds of youth.
(b) Steps need to be taken in order to control the growing fad of fashion amongst the youth.
(c) The author is upest with the shift of fashion from the traditional ethnic wear to western outifts.
(d) Fashion world is responsible for lack of creativity among the youth.
(e) None of these.

Directions (Q. 05-06): The government cannot afford compartmentalise education. It has to be emphasised that country which does not have a good university education will never be listed as an independent country and will neve be able to progress. Only countries prepared to tolerate a secondrate and subjugate status in the world would neglect higher education. If India has had any position in the comity of nations than many of its Asian counterparts. This clear emphasis on higher education, however, does not imply that is should be supported and developed at the cost of primary and secondary education.

05. Which of the following best explains the main idea of the paragraph ?
(a) The government has made a wrong move in compartmentalising education.
(b) To highlight the superiority of India in higher education as compared to the rest the world
(c) To emphasise more on primary education rather than higher education
(d) Higher education is important for the growth of country.
(e) None of these.

06. Which of the following is the most likely title of the bigger passage ( having the same main idea as that of the given paragraph) in which this paragraph might have appeared ?
(a) Education – a fundamental right of every child
(b) Indian education – an unfortunate neglect of primary education
(c) Lack of higher education opportunities in India
(d) A comparison of higher education in India with that of the west
(e) Importance of higher education in the growth of a country

Directions (Q. 07-08): Although an eco-friendly process and one of the main ways to save the environment, recycling is not gaining pace in the industry. The process of recycling undergoes many processes. First is collecting and sorting of garbage. This requires a lot of manpower and tools which are expensive. Another disadvantage of recycled material is not highly demanded since is quality is not as good as the original material. So if the marketing of recycled goods is not worth while, then the whole process of recycling cannot be economically efficient. Recycled products face other disadvantages as well, such as short shelf life, difficulty in deinking the dyed products and less durability.

07. The author has listed the disadvantages of recycling to
(a) explain the reason why recycling is not a popular option besides having various positive effects on the environment
(b) give arguments to support the stopping of the process of recycling completely.
(c) predict the effects of stoppage of recycling on the environment.
(d) Show that there are better options than recycling available for utilization.
(e) None of these

08. Why is the marking of recycled products not worthwhile, according to the author ?
(A) The original products are being sold at a much lower price as compared to the recycled products.
(B) The overall effect of recycling on the environment is detrimental rather than beneficial.
(C) It does not give appropriate economic returns since recycled products lack demand in the market.
(a) Only A
(b) Both B and C
(c) Only C
(d) Both A and B
(e) None of these

Directions (Q. 09-10): The human civilization stands on and edge of destiny. It lies today on the mercy of nuclear weapons, which have the power to destroy us completely lest develop sensitivity towards the basic values of life. It includes an explicit realisation that humans swim in an ocean where they must swim together and sink together. At this juncture, a single rotten fish would damage the ocean as a whole. Man cannot afford to tamper with his loyalty to peace and international understanding, which is the only way to deal international understanding, which is the only way to deal with the situation. Anyone who does so, dooms the entrie past, present and the future of the human civilisation.

09. What, according to the author, should be done to avoid the destruction of life by nuclear weapons
(a) Ban the use of nuclear weapons throughout the world
(b) Enforce stricter law and boycotts against the nations using nuclear weapons
(c) Generate more awarerncess regarding the harm of using nuclear weapons
(d) Work towards international harmony and understanding
(e) None of these
10. Which of the following can be inferred from the given paragraph ?
(A) Nuclear war, one day or the other, is poised to end the human civilisation .
(B) It is not possible for the countries to exist in unison regardless of what happens in other countries.
(C) Unless all the nuclear weapons on earth are destroyed , peace cannot be restored.
(a) Only
(b) Only B
(c) Only B and C
(d) Only A and C
(e) None of these

Directions (Q. 11-17): Which of the phrase (a), (b), (c) and (d) given below each statement should be placed in the blank space porvided so as to make a meaningful and grammatically correct sentence? If none of the sentences is appropriate, mark (e) as the answer.
11. When we reached the crash site, we were delighted ___________
(a) on seeing no survivor
(b) we saw everyone living
(c) to seeing no one breathing
(d) to see everyone alive
(e) None of these

12. Even though the school premises had a lot of space,_____________.
(a) He is a brilliant performer
(b) He tried his best to entertain everyone
(c) His performances are generally boring
(d) Although he performed after a very long time
(e) None of these

13. _________ but today, his performance was fairly interesting and riveted every one to their seats.
(a) He is brilliant performer
(b) He tried his best to entertain everyone
(c) His Performance are generally boring
(d) Although he performed after a very long time
(e) None of these

14. In order to help the organization come out of the huge losses, the employees____________.
(a) demanded a compensatory package
(b) started an agitaion against the management
(c) decided to join the rival organization
(d) decided to file a case against the organization
(e) None of these

15. _________before being packaged for distribution in the market.
(a) The milk is pasteurized
(b) After the milk is pasteurized
(c) Until the milk is pasteurized
(d) Firstly the pasteurization of milk
(e) None of these

16. ___________to control industrial pollution, the pollution from small scale industries has eluded solutions.
(a) Instead of doing good job
(b) While a commendable job has been done
(c) Despite being succeeding
(d) Even after failing
(e) None of these

17. Owing to the scare of the highly contagious disease widespread in the town ___________.
(a) many people thronged to the mulitplexes and malls during the long weekend
(b) people have been advised to gather at the town square
(c) government has failed to make any arrangement for vaccination
(d) most of the people decided to stay indoors during the weekend.
(e) None of these

Directions (Q. 18-22): In each of the following questions, rearrange the given sentences (A), (B), (C) and (D) and indicate the correct sequence in which these sentences must appear so as to make a meaningful paragraph.

18. (A) By increasing these connections the intelligence is also increased.
(B) Classical music has been proved to be very helpful in child development.
(C) Many doctors now a days use it for thereapeutic purposes which are based upon the findings of this research.

(D) The research has demonstrated that listening to classical music increases the rate of nervous connections in brain.
(a) BDCA
(b) DBAC
(c) ACBD
(d) BDAC
(e) BCAD

19. (A) This right, however comes along with the responsibility which the press is forced to work with.
(B) It means matters related to public and national interest.
(C) Such responsibilities include not broadcasting matters related to national security and other sensitive issues.
(D) Freedom of press is symbolic of democracy.
(a) DBCA
(b) DBAC
(c) ABCD
(d) BDAC
(e) BCDA

20. (A) A popular example of this damage is the Taj Mahal, whose marble has been corroded due to acid rain.
(B) It changes the acidic content of water bodies, thus affecting the lives of the living organisms of this habitat.
(C) Acid rain has been a major factor responsible for the degradation of the environment.
(D) Along with affecting the living beings, it is also responsible for the corrosion of several heritage buildings, thus causing irreparable damages ot them.
(a) CBAD
(b) CDBA
(c) BADC
(d) BDAC
(e) CBDA

21. (A) Along with missing their education, these children also face life-threatening dangers by working in hazardous chemical factories.
(B) Child labour has been interfering with the education of millions of children across India.
(C) However, there is a dire need to reinforce these laws strictly throughout the country.
(D) Many laws have been framed in order to curb this evil.
(a) BADC
(b) CBAD
(c) DBAC
(d) BDAC
(e) BACD

22. (A) Their invention has been proved to be a boon to the society since many diseases caused by the microbes could be cured by these antibiotics.
(B) The scientists, therefore, face a continuos challenge to keep inventing newer drugs to counter this problem.
(C) A major hurdle in the use of antibiotics however, is that the microbes develop resistance to the antibiotics, thus rendering these ineffective.
(D) Antibiotics which are capable of inhibiting the growth of other microbes.
(a) BACD
(b) CBAD
(c) DABC
(d) DACB
(e) ABDC

Directions (Q. 23-27): In each of the following sentences, an idiomatic expression or a proverb is highlighted. Select the alternative which best describes its use in the sentence.

23. Although Ravi felt lonely in his fight against the wrong, he decided to take the bull by the horns.
(a) Ravi decided to convice others of his stance.
(b) Ravi decided to give up his fight.
(c) Ravi decided to put forward all his courage and strength.
(d) Ravi decided to apologise for his actions.
(e) None of these

24. As the situation got out of control, the speaker of the parliament tried to put oil over troubled waters.
(a) The speaker tried to calm the situation.
(b) The speaker tried to take advantage of the situation.
(d) The speaker remained indifferent to the situation.
(e) None of these

25. The researcher tried his best to explain the importance of his new discovery to the panel members but soon realised that he was casting pearls before a swine.
(a) He realised that the panel members would take his suggestions seriously.
(b) He realised that he disclosed the information to a greedy panel.
(c) He realised that he had come to the right group of people.
(d) He realised that the panel members cannot appreciate his findings.
(e) None of these.

26. The chairman had to eat a humble pie after the workers decided to go on strike to protest against the biased promotions.
(a) The chairman politely refused to take the promotion orders back.
(b) The chairman gave up his pride and apologised for the mistake.
(c) The chairman had to face defeat by a group of ordinary workers.
(d) The chairman’s career was tinted due to the allegations of biased promotions.
(e) None of these.

27. The bankrupt organisation has been handed over to its new owners, lock stock and barrel.
(a) Only a few departments of the bankrupt organisation have been taken over by the new owners.
(b) The new owners have bought the bankrupt organization for a very nominal amount.
(c) The owners have bought bankrupt organisation in a hurry.
(d) The new owners have completely taken over the bankrupt organisation.
(e) None of these.

Direction (Q. 28-30): In each of the given sentences select the sentence which either follow or precede the given sentence in a grammatically and conceptually appropriate manner. The instrucation is given at the end of every statement.

28. Therefore, the army was called upon immediately for relief operation and rescue people in the storm-hit-town. Which of the following sentences would immediately follow the above sentence.
(a) A severe storm is expected to hit the coastal town on wednesday.
(b) The town had not expected such a storm in several decades.
(c) However the local force was unable to hadle the intenses situation alone.
(d) They, however, took a very long time to reach the area as all the approach ways were blocked.
(e) None of these.

29. The accused was shocked and begged to the judiciary for mercy on ground of his old age. which of the following sentence would immediately precede the above sentence?
(a) The 72 yearold man was arrested on charges of human trafficking.
(b) He was sentenced to five years of rigorous imprisonment by the judge.
(c) He, however, mentional that the old man deserved the punishment.
(d) Disappointed with the court’s decision, his lawyer decided to move to the higher court.
(e) None of these

30. Shreya was elated and jumed with joy when the president called out her name on the stage. Which of the following sentences would immediately precede the above sentence ?
(a) Shrey waited with bated breath for the results as she had worked very hard throught the year.
(b) Sreya worked very hard since she wanted to win the employee of the year award, due in couple of months.
(c) Her career snowballed from this point and eventually she became the president of the company.
(d) The president expressed his disappointment at the dismal performance of the organisation
(e) None of these

Directions (Q. 31-40): In the following passage there are blanks, each of which has been
numbered. These numbers are printed below the passage and against each, five words/phrases are suggested, one of which fits the blank appropriately. Find out the apporpriate word/phrase in each case. The barter system for getting goods and services (31) back many centuries. In most cultures the barter system was used before money was (32). People who had specific items or services would (33) these with others for the things they needed. Good negotiation was the (34) to making good trades. while the barter system (35) based on basic needs, today the barter system continues to thrive. The barter system transcends the monetary system. The barter system is making a (36) today. What makes the barter system even better today than ever before is that it can now be done globally. In the past, bartering was simply done with those that were located nearby. Today, the barter system can be used in a much more (37) way than ever before yet it carries with it the same basic motivation the need for something that you don’t have and the excess of something that someone else wants.
The barter system is enjoying (38) interest today. Bartering allows you to get the things you need without having to (39) additional money. Instead, you can use the things you no longer need or want to get the things you do need. There are swap markets and online auctions that (40) you to sell or trade your item p or to purchase items that you want. Negotiation takes place just like it did hundreds of years ago.

31. (a) discovered
(b) dates
(c) began
(d) started
(e) initiated

32. (a) bought
(b) imagined
(c) began
(d) emerged
(e) invented

33. (a) buy
(b) sell
(c) exchange
(d) give
(e) return

34. (a) important
(b) essential
(c) result
(d) key
(e) intention

35. (a) originated
(b) stood
(c) generated
(d) created
(e) produced

36. (a) issue
(b) comeback
(c) withdrawal
(d) recall
(e) fading

37. (a) primitive
(b) appreciated
(c) promoted
(d) sophisticated
(e) better

38. (a) diminishing
(b) revivel
(c) perishing
(d) declining
(e) renewed

39. (a) expend
(b) exchanging
(c) expand
(d) consume
(e) cost

40. (a) insist
(b) force
(c) allow
(d) lure
(e) constraint

Answer: 01. b 02. e 03. c 04. b 05. d 06. e 07. e 08. c 09. d 10. a 11. d 12. b 13. c 14. e 15. a 16. b 17. d 18. d 19. b 20. e 21. a 22. d 23. c 24. a 25. d 26. b 27. d 28. d 29. b 30. a 31. b 32. e 33. c 34. d 35. a 36. b 37. d 38. e 39. a 40. c

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