CUCET M.Sc. and M. Tech Question Paper Sample Model Paper 2020

CUCET M.Sc. and M. Tech Question Paper Sample Model Paper 2014CUCET M.Sc. and M. Tech Question Paper Sample Model Paper 2020.

1. Choose the pair of words which best expresses the relationship similar to that in the
capitalised pair.
(A)Aster : Botanist
(B) Obelisk : Fireman
(C) Love : Philologist
(D)Reef : Astrologer

2. Replace the underlined word by the word which is closest in meaning.
Some of the discoveries of modern science are simply marvellous.
(B) amazing
(C) commendable

3. Rearrange the 5 sentences (numbered P, Q, R, S) given below in a meaningful sequence.
P. It is attractive to the one who is attracted by it. As food is testy to the one who
finds it testy.
Q. There is no such thing as attractiveness.
R. So What is real beauty?
S. This bring us to the consideration of the fact that nothing in these terms of value
exists in an object, except what we put into them.

4. Choose the correct option to fill up the blank with the most appropriate word and make
the sentence meaningfully complete.
I could …………see the site since it was dark.
(B) barely
(C) obviously

5. Of the four words below, the odd one is ……
(B) normal
(C) ordinary

6. Complete the series: HAHA,HHAAA,HAHAAA, HHAAAAA,…..

7. If the code for INDIA is 98 then the code for ONIDA is ………
(B) 89
(C) 99

8. Five persons are sitting in a round table facing to each other. Rajesh is between Sonam
and Rashmi; Mamtais between Rahul and Sonam while Mamta is right to Rahul. Who is
sitting between Mamta and Rajesh?
(B) Rajesh
(C) Sonam

(Chemistry- MCQ)- Part B

1. Which compound is formed when excess of potassium cyanide (KCN) is added to an
aqueous solution of copper (II) sulphate?
(A) Cu(CN)2
(B) K2[Cu(CN)4]
(C) K[Cu(CN)2]
(D) K3[Cu(CN)4

2. Which of the following complex cations is colorless?
(A) [Cu(H2O)6]2+
(B) [Mn(H2O)6]2+
(C) [Ni(H2O)6]2+
(D) [Cr(H2O)6]2+

3. Among the following chelating ligand is-
(A) NH2-CH2-CH2-NH2
(B) C2O4
(C) NH2NH3
(D) NO2

4. Oxidation number of ‘Mn’ in KMnO4 is-
(A) +5
(B) +6
(C) +7
(D) +8

(Life Sciences/Biology-MCQ)- Part B

1. The polar nature of water molecule is caused by the
(A)It’s ability to act as solvent
(B) The cohesiveness among molecules
(C) The unequal sharing of electrons within a molecule
(D)The potential to form hydrogen bonds with neighbouring water molecule

2. Which type of biochemical has this empirical formula: CH2O?
(B) Protein
(C) Nucleic Acid

3. Which biochemical would MOST likely be found as a component of a cell membrane?
(B) Triglyceride
(C) Disaccharide

4. Which type of bond exists between the nucleotides in a strand of DNA
(A)Phosphodiester bond
(B) Hydrogen bond
(C) Peptide bond
(D)None of the above

(Physics MCQ)‐ Part B

1. A circuit has a resistance of 12 Ω and an impedance of 15 Ω. The power factor of the circuit will be
(A) 0.8
(B) 0.4
(C) 1.25
(D) 0.125

2. The phase difference between the alternating current and emf is π/2. Which of the following cannot be the
constituent of the circuit?
(A) C alone
(B) R.L
(C) L. C
(D) L alone

3. A uniform electric field and a uniform magnetic field are acting along the same direction in a certain region. If an
electron is projected along the direction of the fields with a certain velocity then
(A) its velocity will decrease.
(B) its velocity will increase.
(C) it will turn towards right of direction of motion.
(D) it will turn towards left of direction of motion.