MTNL MT Management Trainee Question Paper Previous Year Old Paper

MTNL MT Management Trainee Question Paper Previous Year Old PaperMTNL MT Management Trainee Question Paper Previous Year Old Paper.

MTNL MT Management Trainee Question Paper Previous Year Old Paper MTNL Question Paper Placement Paper Previous Year Old Paper Free download pdf MTNL 2020 Last 10 Years Papers with solution, Last Year MTNL Question Papers, Previous year MTNL Question Papers solved, Where can i get MTNL question paper with solution answers Past Previous year MTNL MT Management Trainee Question Paper Previous Year Old Paper

MTNL MT Management Trainee Question Paper Previous Year Old Paper

1. what is a aquadag.
2. about the quiscent condition
3. cassegrain feedis used with parabolic reflector to allow the feed convenient position. $
4. configuration of cascade.ce cc,cbce, none
5. resistors is measured in
a) ohms
b) watts.
c) both
6. if diameter of radar is >> 4 times $how much range is increased ans)4
7. n type have which type of impurity
8. semiconductor strain gauge over the normal strain gauge is around.$
9. why slicon is prefeered
10. what is w2/w1=4 relationship is called $
11. which one is best outof(near about)nyqiust,bode, routhz
12. wein bridge frequecy conditions
13. The ‘h’ parameter equivalent circuit of a junction transistor is?valid for ?
a). High frequency, large signal operation
b.) High frequency, small signal operation
c.) Low frequency, small signal operation
d). Low frequency, large signal operation
14. comparater is used for?
15. astable and bistable uses
16. to increase input z u will prefer?
a). Current series feedback
b). Current shunt feedback
c). Voltage series feedback
d). Voltage shunt feedback
17. Enhancement type P channel MOSFET the gate voltage is+,-,+ &-
18 which gate gives 0 when i/p is 1
19. decimal have radix ?
20 what is binary for 10
21 one value was given SN72 like that ,u have to tell
which device it means.
22. what does the sync mean in tv tramnsmission. $
23. question on transformer coupling(i didnt remember)
24. where the double tunning is used in radio receivers.
25. sequential circuit dependence on input and output.$
26. question on power receiveed by the receiver in tramsmmission
27. the probability density function of envelope of narrow?
band noise is gaussian………………………….
28. what isthe output of given IC .
29. if quantization level is incresed from 8—>9 then what is the
30. a figure was given and we have identify thec circuit.
31. in closed loop if u are having m=100 and negative feedback
is .04,what is gain
32. k maps was given u have to give the right pairings.
33. a question on bandwidth
34. fourier series coprises of
35. stalites works in which frequency $
36. by which u can prepare a binary counter. $
37. q based on use of schotky diode
38. q based on the use of varactor diode.
39. q based on allignment in paramagnetic materials.
40. which equipment uses minimum power.
41. it both input of nand gate is high,give the o/p.
42. how many bits are required to reepresent 35 in binary.
43. what is CMRR.
44. if current in zener is increased then what happens.(near about).
45. for,thermistor if temperature is increased then then temperature
46. relation between B(beta) and Ic in bjt
47. the resistance of loudspeaker is nearly
ohms,k ohms,m ohms,
48. early state in bjt is due i/p applies,
on time,off time,….

Aptitude Section

aptitiude qantonymns of

1. debonair
2. bafeful
3. exasperate.
4. dainty
5. epolsive

6. a very simple passage followed by 5n scoring q’s
7. 5 question to pick the wrong part in sentences
maths part

1. work… time taken by 4 men to do work is 98.if 3 more
person are involved they the will finsh the work of 298 hrs
in how many more days
2. dicount offered by 3 shopownwer
15 and 10
20 and 10
which is the most discounted
3. 15^3-14^3/15^2+210+14^2 solve it
4. (312)^.5 * (201)^.5 solve it
5. radius of 2 circle and revolution of one was given,find the other
6. 7 know french ,8 know german ,3 know none ,find how many know both.
7. 80 %failed in maths, 70 %in english ,10 % failed in both,total
no is 144.find total strength.? $
8. if watch is always makes error of 4 second (+)/hours,what will be
time on 22 day 8 am when it was last corrested on 21 day 1 pm
9 q based on day of birth ?

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