FMS 2020 Syllabus (FMS Delhi)

FMS 2014 Syllabus (FMS Delhi)FMS 2020 Syllabus (FMS Delhi)

FMS Delhi MBA Entrance 2020 FMS 2020 Syllabus

They are not very much clear with the syllabus but FMS Exam normally consist of following topics..

There is no prescribed syllabus or format for this multiple choice 2-hour admission test. The previous admission tests usually comprised the following basic areas:
1. Verbal Ability
2. Logical and Analytical Reasonin
3. Quantitative Ability
4. Reading Comprehension

1. Verbal Ability–vocabulary and usage (idiomatic expression, figures of speech), analogies, synonyms—antonyms, origin of words, classification of words, sentence correction, spelling errors etc.

2. Logical and Analytical Reasoning—arrangement-based questions, tables, charts, conditional grouping, miscellaneous etc.

3. Quantitative Ability—quant, Data Interpretation, maxima-minima, limits, physics-based mathematical problems, number systems, arithmetic, algebra, geometry, miscellaneous etc.

4. Reading Comprehension—passages (business, philosophy, FDI, changes etc.) based on varied topics, fact-based questions

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