VITMEE Syllabus for Physics (PH)

VITMEE Syllabus for Physics (PH)VITMEE Syllabus for Physics (PH)

Vellore Institute of Technology Master’s entrance examination (VITMEE) For M.Tech and MCA Admission 2012 VITMEE Syllabus for Physics (PH)


Mathematical Physics

Fourier series – Fourier transform – properties – convolution theorem – Application to solve differential equations -Laplace’s transform – properties – application to ordinary and partial differential equations-CayleyHamiltonTheorem – Eigen value problems

Classical Mechanics

Orthogonal transformations – Eulerian angles – Rotating

frames of reference and coriolis force. Mechanics of rigid bodies Angular momentum and kinetic energy – Moment of inertia tensor – Euler’s equations of motion – Torque -free motion – motion of a symmetrical top under gravity.

Electro Magnetic Theory

Faraday’s laws of induction – Maxwell’s displacement current – Maxwell’s equations – vector and scalar potentials – Gauge invariance – wave equation and plane wave solutions – Coulomb and Lorentz Gauges – energy and momentum of the field – Poynting’s theorem.

Quantum Mechanics

Justification of Schroedinger equation – the Schroedinger receipe – probabilities and normalization – Applications -particle in a box – simple harmonic oscillator – time dependence – steps and barriers.

Statistical Mechanics

Equation of state – gas degeneracy – Bose-Einstein condensation – thermal properties of Bose-Einstein gas -liquid Helium – Tisza’s two fluid model – Landau’s theory of liquid Helium II – Black body radiation – phonons-Einstein and Debye models for lattice specific heat.

Experimental Design

Measurement of fundamental constants e, h, c -Measurement of High & Low Resistances, L and C -Detection of X-rays, Gamma rays, charged particles, neutrons etc – Ionization chamber – proportional counter

–  GM counter – Scintillation detectors -SolidStatedetectors

–  Emission and Absorption Spectroscopy – IR spectroscopy

– Measurement of Magnetic field – Hall effect, magnetoresistance – X-ray and neutron Diffraction -Vacuum Techniques – basic idea of conductance, pumping speed etc – Pumps – Mechanical Pump – Diffusion pump

–  Gauges Thermocouple – Penning – Pirani – Hot Cathode

–  Low Temperature Cooling a sample over a range upto 4 K and measurement of temperature.

Measurement of Energy and Time using electronic signals from the detectors and associated instrumentation Signal processing, A/D conversion & multichannel analyzers


Ruby laser – Nd – YAG laser – colour centre lasers — Helium

– Neon laser – Carbondioxide laser – excimer lasers – liquid dye laser – semiconductor lasers – Homojunction laser -Heteorjunction laser – Quantum well laser.

Nonlinear Fiber Optics

Introduction – Second harmonic generation (SHG) -optical mixing – phase matching – Third harmonic generation (THG) – parametric generation of light -Optical parametric oscillator – self-focussing of light.


Types of lattices – Miller indices – Simple crystal structures

– Crystal diffraction – Bragg’s law – Reciprocal Lattice (BCC, FCC) – Brillouin zone – Structure factor – Atomic form factor – Cohesive energy of ionic crystals – Madelung constant – Types of crystal binding.

Materials Science

Phase diagram – phase rule – single component system -binary phase diagram – microstructural changes during cooling – Lever rule – Magnesia – Alumina system – Copper

– Zinc system -Iron – Carbon system – Applications of phase diagram.

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