WBSSC Computer Science Syllabus (Hons, PG)

WBSSC Computer Science Syllabus (Hons, PG)WBSSC Computer Science Syllabus (Hons, PG)

Download WBSSC (West Bengal School Service Commission) Syllabus 2012 WBSSC Computer Science Syllabus (Pass, Hons, PG) Exam 2012  for teacher requirement exam in West Bengal (WB) Syllabus for Pass, honours (Hons), Post Graduate (PG) Students WB SSC WBSSC Computer Science Syllabus (Pass, Hons, PG)


Introduction and Background:
Generation of computers, Basic building blocks of Computer and their descriptions. Number system – Binary, Octal, and Hexadecimal, Fixed and floating point number representations, Different codes – BCD, Excess – 3, Gray, ASCII, and EBCDIC, Binary arithmetic, Complement representations.

Digital logic:Computer Organization:Overview of programming:Programming Languages:Overview of Software and Packages:Computer Network:

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