WBSSC Economics Syllabus (Hons, PG)

WBSSC Economics Syllabus (Hons, PG)WBSSC Economics Syllabus (Hons, PG)

Download WBSSC (West Bengal School Service Commission) Syllabus 2012 WBSSC Economics Syllabus (Hons, PG) Exam 2012  for teacher requirement exam in West Bengal (WB) Syllabus for Pass, honours (Hons), Post Graduate (PG) Students WB SSC WBSSC Economics Syllabus (Hons, PG)

 Basic problems in every economic society and their solution in different economic systems. A general view of the price system. The elementary theory of demand, supply and market price. The elasticities of demand and supply, Applications of the demand-supply apparatus in price control and rationing, taxation and in the determination of the prices of agricultural and manufactured goods.

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